April 3rd, 2014

Martha and Ten

Non-binary non-human character

Okay, so I have this shape-shifter character in my Lyria story who is a Vrayshra of the Pyenari sub-species, and I was originally going to have them be MTF trans. The way that would have worked is, Vrayshra have a definite form and definite sex until their second puberty. (First puberty turns them from four-legged to two-legged. Second puberty turns them from solid matter to a magical kind of pseudo-matter that can easily change to energy.)

But... I have instead decided to make their gender non-binary, in the following way: they keep shifting back and forth among male, female, and neuter both physically and in clothing. (Pyenari are actually naked all the time; when they seem to wear clothes, that is part of their body.) And generally treating gender as something that shifts with mood, because Pyenari can totally do that.

Also, she will be proudly Pyenari. Shape-shifters aren't well trusted by most folks on Orion to start with, and Pyenari are looked down on even by the other sub-species of Vrayshra because they eat souls sometimes. But zie is not going to hide zir species, no, she will proudly be in full Pyenari form all the time, and damn the haters!

Though I might go the Pi route with zir and have zir change form by mood, too. Like, not hiding what zie is - maybe even having zir distinctive purple Pyenari stripes in all zir forms - but just, "I feel like being a Basilisk today," or "This particular situation calls for a demon form," or even "I feel like a dainty little flower of Elven feminity at the moment."

Yes, I like that. That is what I shall do.

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Excellent day!

So my money came in during the wee small hours of the day earlier. I paid the rent, got a bunch of stuff I need, and two things I want. I got Clear Internet, which is working very well so far. And at the Verizon store, they ran my credit check and found I would not be charged a deposit! WEE HOO! And the $175 early termination fee, I can set aside some money in case I need it for that. Oh, and I only had to pay the $1 for the phone (with contract) and $20 for a case. Bill for the phone's plan ain't due til next month, which is great.

Also, I found a $10 bill on the ground on the way to the Verizon store! :-D Sahn-kia, Kusahnjiijahn!

Still keeping the old Assurance phone for reasons.

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