March 29th, 2014


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Idea I had

The fact that a lot of these eye glass charities require a prescription before they can help you gave me an idea for an invention I wish I had the skills to build. It's a computerized visor type thing you put over your eyes, and then you press a button and it does this computerized automated eye exam, asking you to read the lines and so on, then adjusts its display until you can see properly. When that's done, it emails you a copy of your prescription, you print it out, and take it in to a store or charity, and they can use that to get you glasses. There would be places where you could rent the use of one of these things for like $10 or something, and maybe even some of the charities could buy one to better help people.

Hell, if you had the money and were geeky enough, you could buy a pair to use as glasses. Maybe make it look like Geordi's visor. And the plus side to one of those as glasses would be that if your prescription changes, just have it perform another eye exam on you so it knows what display options you need. You'd never have to buy another pair of glasses ever again!

Oh, and maybe options for legally blind people, that would magnify specific areas or the whole display if needed. And for color-blind people, the computer could identify colors and tell you when a light was green or whatever. Could make it so that color-blind people could drive with almost as much ease as normally sighted people do. Oooh! And if you needed it to, maybe it could read text for you. Though that might be tricky to work out how to do...

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The Affordable Care Act is not affordable

When I informed a friend of mine of the coming deadline to start signing up for some kind of health insurance, and gave her a link to the one that referred me to for her, she told me after reading through it and other things that she can't afford it. Because the only options are either:

1. Paying a monthly premium. Which requires money. She doesn't have a job, despite a LOT of looking for years. So she can't afford that option.

2. Paying a very high copay every time she goes to the doctor, which she also cannot afford.

And this kind of thing is why I've said all along that the ACA should be repealed and the original draft re-entered and voted upon, because after the Republican bastards had their way with the ACA, it looked nothing like Obama's original plan. It is such a fucking mockery of its former self that I am astonished Obama actually seems to take pride in passing it.

Under the original draft, the ACA would have given us a single-payer, tax-funded public healthcare system like Canada and the UK have. But under the draft that got passed, such is not the case. What we got instead is a law requiring the purchase of some sort of health insurance. And while insurance companies are no longer allowed to deny anyone health insurance, they can still charge three times or more the usual premium for people with pre-existing conditions. And now come to find out that even the options marketed to the poor are not affordable to everyone.

Oh, and she pointed out that requiring someone to purchase anything is unconstitutional. I don't know if that applies to car insurance too, but since you don't have to have car insurance if you don't have a car, I guess they squeak by under that technicality. But yeah, saying "Health insurance is good for you. You are now required to buy it." is highly unconstitutional. I do so hope that somebody challenges that in the Supreme Court.

Seriously, I was all for the ACA when it was first proposed. But ever since the Republicans basically fucked it over seventeen ways from Sunday, I have hated it. Because now the only way my friend is going to be able to get actually affordable health insurance is if she qualifies for the same state program I'm on, that pays my Medicare premium for me. Otherwise there's no effing way she can afford it.

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