March 22nd, 2014

Phoebe in Wonderland

Posting from home desktop!

Posting this from the desktop system in my home. I have recently installed the old wireless modem from my dead XP box into this one, which runs Windows 7. All is working fine, connected to Brooke's wifi network. Only 2 bars, but hey, the laptop in the bedroom only gets it at an average of 2 or 3 bars.

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Hermione not amused

No smoking, dammit!

There have been a lot of people smoking in the building lately, a building that is a non-smoking building and has been since 2010. Despite (or maybe because of) our attempts to get it to stop, because my roommate is severely allergic to it, they have only continued and now are attempting to cover it up with incense and air freshener. This despite surprise inspections and one person possibly being evicted (just a guess, we don't know for sure). It could even be the same person smoking in revenge.

The following is what I WOULD write to others in the building if I thought it would help:
Dear other residents,

This smoking in the building has got to stop immediately. The simple fact of the matter is that my roommate literally cannot breathe, she is so allergic to cigarette smoke. Covering it up with incense and/or air freshener doesn't help, it just makes things worse, as she is allergic to those things as well, and it does not actually mask the smoke anyway.

I don't understand why you are not complying with the rule. If someone had so much garbage piling up in their apartment that it made it difficult for everyone in the building to breathe, they would ousted immediately and everyone would cheer about it. But because it's cigarette smoke, you think you have some kind of right to put other people's lives in danger?

You have every right to kill yourself slowly, if you value your own life so little, but that right ends at the point where your slow suicide is killing other people that aren't even in the room with you.

Stop smoking in the building NOW. I do not wish anyone to have to be evicted, because I am a compassionate soul and care even for the trials and tribulations of people I don't like. But I have been as tolerant as I will be. Any further infractions and I will have no mercy in doing all I can to get you either to stop smoking in the building, or get you evicted. If it is a choice between the life of my friend/roommate and the convenience of people I barely know, I will choose my friend every time.

If it was just me, and I had no roommate, I wouldn't care. I can't smell worth a damn and usually I can't smell the cigarette smoke at all. But my friend cannot breathe, so I am fighting for her. But if you attempt to take your anger out on her, I WILL defend her, to whatever degree is necessary.

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Hermione not amused

Copying this from Tumblr because reasons

I have to say it: Movie #3 was the one where the Harry Potter movies took a nosedive in quality. Like, in the book, Sirius was just this very tired man who had been through 12 years of hell in Azkaban, his voice was ragged from disuse, and the only thing giving him any energy at all was his obsession with finding Peter Pettigrew. This would have made him intense in a very focused but quiet way. But in the movie they portray him as this energetic lunatic who babbles incoherently.

Frankly, they should have cut a lot of stuff from other parts of the movie and focused on this scene, focused on making it as true to the book as possible, because this scene… I’m sorry, but this scene was paced WAY too fast, didn’t have enough information, and had unrealistic responses from characters to boot; there’s just no WAY Harry or the others would have trusted Black if he came off as a keyed-up nutcase, as opposed to the quiet intensity of the book Black. Rowling wrote the scene perfectly, and the movie makers just totally fucked it up. This is, IMHO, at least as bad as the infamous “Dumbledore said calmly”/Dumbledore shouting mistake in #4, if not worse, because if you had never read the book, this scene in the movie [the scene in the shrieking shack] would have confused the fuck out of you. Hell, I read the books and *I* was even confused by this scene in the movie.

Redo the whole series as a TV series I say. Not a miniseries, not more movies, a friggin TV series. And by all that is holy, do NOT cast Michael Gambon as Dumbledore again! That casting decision doesn’t win the #1 position for Worst Casting Decision of the Series only because they changed Tom the innkeeper from this pleasant, normal-looking man to some kind of Quasimodo-esque monstrosity.

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