February 27th, 2014


Productive week thus far!

Well, the last few days have been quite productive for me. I did a bunch of drawing Tuesday while Amy was spending the night at a friend's house. Still, though I worked on it for several hours, I didn't finish the coloring for even one of the three figures in the drawing. But I got all the lines done and some of the coloring that day before my butt fell asleep. Then I finished the coloring for two of the figures today. And got some writing done earlier tonight, as well.

What I've been drawing this time is a modification of a drawing I did maybe a year or so ago. The original picture - of Ahndahn sitting in a meditation pose, next to a pregnant Shao'Kehn - is on my wall, drawn on paper. I took a photo of it ages ago, and recently traced it so I could colorize it. But before I did, I edited it to add Nahtahdjaiz between the two of them. The two figures I've finished are Nahtahdjaiz and Shao'Kehn. Still trying to decide on the color scheme for Ahndahn. According to the Noiionayya, She's supposed to have bone white skin and chalk-white hair, but I might go with more human coloring instead. (Human "white" with blond hair.)

Nahtahdjaiz's hair is cool in this one. I decided to make Her hair match Her eyes, so Her hair is a riot of bright colors - blues and purples and greens. It's amazing, especially with the highlights and other details I added to it. Also, I gave Her stripes again, but I did a lot better on the stripes this time than I did the last time. I'm quite proud of it so far.

I've been contemplating adding Nwoikis and/or Grahbahn to the image, it wouldn't be too hard now I've figured out what to do. Then it could be a family portrait like the one I started months ago and never finished because I didn't like it. But I don't know for sure yet.

Oh gods, I just looked at that one again, the "family portrait" one I gave up on. It's horrible! I can't believe I kept it. It's bad even by my old standards, but especially bad now with my current skills.

One last thing: I also finished cleaning up that new version of the old Kusahnjiijahn picture, where I've given Her better colorizing. Here it is:

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Steph hail satan

Update about new apartment

Well assuming all goes well, we should be getting our keys and starting to move into the new low-income apartment by next Tuesday or Thursday. (Next week.) I think it will indeed go well; has been so far. Especially after finishing the new version of the Kusahnjiijahn picture last night.

The temporary manager (filling in for other one, who was suffering from overwork) estimates my rent will be around $200 or $250. Which means I'll be keeping so much of my money after rent that I probably won't even need food stamps anymore, and should have enough to save every month towards conventions and other fun stuff. I plan to get a proper cell phone to replace this free piece of shit I got from Assurance Wireless, and in the summer I plan to get an air conditioner. We will also be able to have Internet at home again! (And be able to pay my debts off eventually, which will please my creditors.)

I am SOOOOO excited and nervous! Tuesday/Thursday cannot come soon enough!

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