January 13th, 2014


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Fingernail colors!

Lilla's mom got me a huge box of different colors of nail varnish. I forgot the name of the brand, but it's eco-friendly nail varnish. There were so many colors, I put a different color on each nail. (Though some of the colors are very close to each other.) See:

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I've been reading a book of short stories by Vladimir Nabokov. I'm glad I am, because his writing style is so BEAUTIFUL. It's like he was madly in love with the English language. Every story is like a love poem to the English language. Part of the appeal is his large vocabulary and easy, casual use of awesome words. But there's more to it than that; he just knew how to put words together in a chillingly beautiful way. I get shivers reading some of the lines in his works.

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