December 17th, 2013

Martha and Ten

Dream mistakes

There are occasionally logical inconsistencies or even glaring mistakes in dreams, and it can be fun to watch characters in the dream struggle to explain them. There were two such mistakes in a dream last night. It was a dream about a college-level boarding school, coed but with the sexes separated into two different dorm buildings. I was riding inside one of the male characters going to his dorm for the first time.

First mistake: the steps on the stairs leading to the place where the door would be, were too big. There were only two steps, but each step was almost as tall as my character was. When I pointed out the absurdity of this design and asked if its architect was a sadist, all I got were stares of the kind that made *my* character look like the weirdo.

Second mistake: There was no door into the building. We had to climb up on the railing, lean out into the air, and be grabbed by someone already inside and pulled in. When I asked if we could try the back door, the others looked at me with a "what is a door?" expression on their faces.

A fun bit from that dream: 1. John Cleese played the role of the headmaster. (This was a British school.)

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Alternate ways to say things

I'm sometimes amazed by the alternative ways of saying things that characters of mine come up with. Forizano Lysvalo, seeing a piano for the first time and having no name for it, calls it a "percussion harp." Or in one unfinished story of mine I was reading the other day, some Ah'Koi Bahnis children are talking about Kohrihn, the north pole continent, and they talk of it raining ice and also of it raining "fluffy white ice" (snow) as well.

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