November 30th, 2013


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Funny moment in a dream.

Had a dream last night, and the only thing I can remember about it was a funny moment. I was in a kitchen somewhere, looking through the fridge for something to drink (my body trying to tell me it was thirsty) when this kid, a boy maybe 9 or 10 years old, walks in holding an action figure in one hand like he's making it fly. I don't remember anything about the figure beyond the fact it was a superhero. But when he's flying it around, I hear him say something about the hero being "the son of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark." And in one of those mysterious flashes of insight you get in dreams, I knew the kid was gay and "shipped" Captain America and Iron Man. :-D

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Mad Libs ritual

I like having things to say to start rituals, like calling the elements and directions to cast the sphere. (I use 9 elements/directions and cast a sphere rather than a circle.) But I keep forgetting them, or having to read from a paper, and then messing up even when it's on the paper.

So I came up with a solution. I came up with what I call a "Mad Libs" ritual. IE, the thing I say at each direction is always the same except for three words, which are fill-in-the-blank. Maybe not immune to issues, but it lends itself well to memorization, I think.

Anyway, here's what I came up with:

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1 = "Shyo" may look like "shy-oh," but it is a single syllable and rhymes with "go." Like in the name Shyao'Shyo, which is two syllables, and the "Shyao" bit rhymes with "wow." This is because Y is always a consonant in TPNN. Since I sometimes have to use y as a vowel in the Latin-letter versions of some words, this can get a bit confusing. I may have to learn the international standard phoenetic alphabet and write words out in that.

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Wow! I just found that the English language DOES have the "dj" sound of TPNN, and IPA has a symbol for it:

ʒ = pleasure, vision

( IPA symbols/sounds here: )

So here are some words from TPNN, in IPA:

Shao'Kehn = ʃaʊ-ken
Djao'Kain = ʒaʊ-keɪn
djai = ʒeɪ
djair = ʒeəʳ
Shyao'Shyo = ʃjaʊ-ʃjoʊ
Shoi'kiin = ʃɔɪ-ki:n
shyeh'hyeh'gahr [ʃje-hje-gɑ:r] (word for "element.")

Only thing I can't find is a symbol that represents the throat-clearing sound I borrowed from Arabic for TPNN. Oh, and a symbol for the cross between R and L that appears sometimes in TPNN.

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Elle Fanning

Exercise as ritual

I have these stretches I have to do in order to be able to walk without pain in my calves. But remembering to do them is difficult. Having time to do them is more so. But since I've decided to start budgeting TWO hours before going anywhere, rather than my previous ONE hour, that may be easier. (Of course, that involves getting up earlier, but whatever.)

One thing I did spontaneously last night was to do my stretches in a ritual. It... well, let's just say it's still experimental at this point. I wasn't doing too good at it, probably because I was trying to do it without a wall to do it against, which only works for one of the three stretching exercises my physical therapist assigned me to do. But I shall work on it.

By the way, I found out what my PT's ethnicity is, and she wasn't offended at all. I detected no fluctuation in her good mood at the question, either. Anyway, she said she gets that a lot. I told her I thought she looked half Indian or half Pakistani or both. But no, it turns out she's fully Mexican. It's just that she and her dad have unusually angular features for Mexicans, and a Roman nose, which confuses a lot of people, as Mexicans typically have rounder, softer features. I wanted to tell her I thought she was very pretty, and I was envious of her good looks, but I had run out of courage by that point.

Two of the electric candles I use to avoid turning my room into a smokehouse during rituals are in need of replacing. I have six altogether, four black ones and two white ones. I'm gonna have to get more of them if I can find them.

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