November 26th, 2013


Eternal Guardian Spirits

When I first started working on the Yahgahn mythos, I made a note about the Eternal Guardians, noting they were a bit like guardian angels, made by Shao'Kehn. I also remember finding out the name of my own Eternal Guardian is Kiishiiya. Beyond that, I never developed it.

Well, a month or so back, I found out Shao'Kehn created them by getting pregnant. The other day, I found more info: She did it with a spell, rather than standard impregnation. A spell that modified a First Worm into the first ever Eternal Guardian. (First Worms are worms that can convert barren land into fertile lands. They're a real thing in the Traipahverse, used to bioform barren planets in Traipah's image.)

Then yesterday, I got more information and an image in my mind. The information was that Eternal Guardians come in a wide variety of appearances, few of them humanoid. Then the image I got in my head was of Kiishiiya, my own Guardian, which I will attempt as my next art project:

"Centauroid; animal body is reptilian with backwards-bending legs ending in clawed feet, but body itself and most of the leg is furred with black, green, and white stripes. Humanoid part is naked-breasted dark-brown skinned AKB with thin white stripes. Her fingers end in claws, and Her mouth (with sharp teeth) is open in a snarl. In Her hands She wields a double-ended weapon. One end is a trident, the other end is a sickle (but a different shape than Kiindjahn's sickle). Tail is like an anklasaurus tail. She also has wings, which are wings of flame. Hair color: bright red? blood red? Maybe give Her horns? (Curly horns?)"

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