November 15th, 2013

Elle looks up

Dimensional expansion

One thing that my Lyriaverse has in common with the Potterverse is dimensional expansion, IE "bigger on the inside" magical tech. And it occurred to me, from a line in HP5 about there not being enough beds in Hogsmeade to accommodate all the people staying for Dumbledore's funeral, that it was kind of odd that there should be such a shortage. I mean, with the right magic, an inn the size of a small shack on the outside could conceivably hold, say, 50 rooms.

So an idea came to mind for the Lyriaverse, of inns that are only 2 or 3 stories tall, and less than a city block in size, but which have hundreds of rooms inside.

Granted, there are still limits, and the larger something is inside, the more problematic getting out in an emergency becomes. Things like Lyria's fortress are quite rare, Lyria being the only known mortal to know how to make a Fae style Knowe, so once a building was expanded on the inside, that would be that; it would not be able to expand any more or less, unlike Lyria's fortress.

Plus, I imagine it would take a very well educated and highly skilled mage to make such a dimensionally-expanded area. So far, the only building in Lyriaverse canon to have such expansion (aside from Lyria's fortress) is one of the Way Stations - takes up a whole city block on the outside, is at least three times bigger on the inside to accomodate all the hundreds of permanent portals to various locations.

So I guess that explains the shortage, if the same kind of thing is true in the Potterverse. But I still like the idea of one of the wealthier inn owners making an inn much bigger on the inside. Even if it was simply taking an inn with rooms only a square foot or two in floor surface area and expanding their insides to be, say, 10, 15, or more square feet in floor area.


Update: I've decided that there are limitations regarding dimensional expansion, for people who don't know how to make a Fae style Knowe. So I decided the best option would be to first build a building that has lots of small rooms, each with their own door, then each room expanded.

As Brooke pointed out, there could be issues if the spell fails. Unlikely, because the laws would recognize the danger and there'd be multiple backups of the spell, an emergency ejection spell, an emergency portal in case that fails, and spells to reinforce the building in case of emergency. (And anti-fire spells.) I figure if the king takes the safety of his people strongly enough, they can do some really powerful stuff. After all, there IS a small town on the edge of the supercontinent of Taanshibaar, that is almost continually battered by hurricanes and mega-hurricanes called hypercanes. This town, called Port Insanity, is made entirely of wood but almost never has to be rebuilt because the buildings can withstand winds up to 600 MPH. (Its people are all mages; they need to be to cast spells to keep them from being blown away by the winds of the storms, and to keep debris like leaves and wood slivers from injuring or even killing them.)

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Elle Fanning

Shifting and other things

I've always preferred to go about barefoot if I can, even playing outside barefoot whenever feasable, in my younger days. (Stopped for a long time after stepping on a nail once when we lived in the country.) But I never had a problem with socks and shoes most of the time; though one good thing about summer is that I get to wear flip-flops, which is a lot like being barefoot. Djao'Kain, on the other hand, dislikes anything on Her feet so strongly that any attempt of mine to imagine Her in shoes or socks fails. Like, it's one of the few things I can't imagine at all.

Lately, I think I've been shifting these past few weeks toward Djao-Kain's perspective on barefootedness. I've been getting stronger and stronger urges to go barefoot and sometimes even going about with my legs exposed. I used to sometimes forget to take off my shoes and socks when I got home, but I don't anymore; it's all I can do to keep them on when I'm outside the apartment. If all I'm doing is laundry or checking the mail, I go out barefoot. And the other day when coming back from Brooke's, it was raining, and I walked halfway home barefoot before the texture of the sidewalk became too much to tolerate. I seriously think that if my feet were calloused enough to ignore rough sidewalk textures, and even to barely notice gravel, that I would just stop wearing shoes altogether (except keep a pair with me to go into buildings like restaurants). A part of me is like "That's insane, inside the city!" But it's how I feel anyway. Yet so far, I'm resisting; my feet aren't ready for that yet anyway, and I don't know how smart it is to go barefoot in a city where Goddess only knows what kinds of dangerous stuff is on the sidewalks and roads.

Also, having to resist the urge to wear short skirts in the winter cold. If I only did it like 10 or 15 minutes at a time, I'd be fine, but longer than that would make me too cold. (It doesn't help that coldness makes me horny.)

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Martha and Ten

My weird body

*sigh* There are a lot of weird things about my body. Like, caffeine is not a stimulant for me. Up to a certain point, it relaxes me. Past that point, I get the friggin jitters. It's a symptom of ADD, but I don't think I have that. I think I might have SCT, which stands for Sluggish Cognitive Tempo; many mental conditions only sound like me a little bit, but SCT sounds exactly like me (except that my Asperger's gives me hyper-focus ability at times). I'm going to have to ask my shrink about it. Which means getting an appointment made.

Also, I run hotter than most people. The other day, Amy was so cold she was wrapped in blankets and I thought it was just a wee bit past comfortably warm; 70 F is the beginning of truly uncomfortable for me.

Oh, and you know that whole thing about "take a cold shower" to get rid of horniness? Doesn't work with me. I take room temperature showers or cooler, and the colder the water, the hornier I get. (To a point.)

Also, the hotter it gets, the slower and duller I get, like a Discworld yeti. And likewise, the colder it is, the more alert I am, and the sharper my mind. (To a point.) Kind of weird, I guess, for the avatar of a fire Goddess. Ah well, Chaos Fire isn't like regular fire. It only *looks* like fire; it doesn't put out any heat. Chaos Fire is living energy that eats practically any form of matter or energy it can find, but prefers Creation Onyx. Anyway...

Cold only bothers me when I sleep. I need it to be 65 F at night to be comfy; any colder and I start dreaming about looking for sweaters, etc to keep warm. Only thing is, if it's hotter than 60, I can't easily get to sleep. (In summer, I have to sleep either naked or in undies, and have the fan on high. Even then, it's difficult.
I wish there was a way for the thermostat to start at 60 and go up to 65 once I fall asleep.

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TPNN language

I was working on my TPNN language again earlier today, translating a short story to find holes in the language. Got a couple paragraphs done, and a lot of words added. Part of the process had me just saying sounds until good-sounding word-like things came up, writing those down, and later assigning them to words. Which included some of the nonsense things I say as curse words. My favorite, these last couple months, has been "syastebaat," and I split that into two words, "syast" and "ehbaat." They now mean "summer" and "spare me." So "syastebaat" now means "Summer spare me!" This fits, because I hate summer's heat and sunniness.

Also, there are about 6 different words for "quite," one for each definition. It's another example of wanting to avoid the same multiple-meaning words that English has. (TPNN would have its own, if any.) Another example is the 3 or 4 words for different definitions of "channel." Many of those have a root word, with other roots added for different meanings. A water channel would have the word for "water" in it, a TV or radio channel would have the word for "light" in it. And then there's the word for channeling spirits, and the word for channeling things in general.

Got really annoyed with the alt + ` function (which cycles through windows in the same application, on Ubuntu) today. When there's only two windows in an app, it works fine. But three or more, and there seems to be a distinct lack of pattern to which window will come up no matter how many times you hit that key combo. Finally got to the point where I just did Super + S and put each window in its own workspace; CTRL + ALT + [arrow keys] is SOOOO much easier to deal with than ALT + ` is.

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