November 1st, 2013


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So last night, I really didn't feel like doing a Samhain ritual, like I did last year. Which isn't too unusual for me; I only did a Samhain ritual last year because someone I knew died that year.

Instead, I started work on a symbol for Shyao'Shyo, the Aspect of Djao'Kain who is an old, blind crone who comforts the dead and dying (and keeps the Demon of Entropy as a seeing-eye Demon), then ferries them to The Land of Eternal Childhood, which is a place of rest before reincarnation. Once I draw it into the computer, I plan on printing a copy and writing out the names of people I knew who died, in Traipahni characters. The picture will contain a boat, and there may be a secondary boat behind it for the names of dead loved ones.

I may even invite Amy to add some names to the image, since she's pretty cool about pagan stuff.

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