October 27th, 2013

Martha and Ten

Medusa as Goddess

I was reading something on Tumblr the other day about Medusa, about how images of her head were put on women's shelters in ancient Greece, and as a result, Alex said, "You know, Medusa would make a lot of sense as a kind of Goddess figure for female Satanists." Which led me to realize that a modified Medusa would make a great Goddess for pagans, too. Which led, in turn, to the idea: "Hey, why not make Medusa a Goddess in the Lyriaverse?"

So I did. In that storyverse, it turns out that Terran lore has it wrong: Medusa was never a mortal, and was never killed. She is very much alive, and in fact Medusa is one of The Old Ones, ancient primeval deities that came to Orion's universe from a far older universe - a universe so old it was dying. The Old Ones, like the more modern "Vecerti" type Deities (who can count *their* years of life only in the hundreds of thousands of years, as opposed to the multiple billions of years that The Old Ones can), still get a lot of mortal worship. (In case you didn't know, the Gods and Goddesses are real in that storyverse, and the plot centers around a war between two major factions of these deities.)

Ran the idea of Medusa worship by Lyria's female soldiers and it became an incredibly popular religion. And then I was informed that there were at least two major cults of Medusa: The Acolytes of Medusa, and The Emulates of Medusa. I asked the character Serret what the difference was and she said derisively, "Those Acolytes are wimpy, terrified women who hide behind Medusa's skirts for Her protection from dangerous men. Whereas we Emulates, as the name suggests, use Medusa as a role model. We seek to become as powerful and as much like Her as we can."

Knowing what I know of Lyria's soldiers, it doesn't surprise me that Medusa worship is popular among the females.

Oh, and there's a story about the origin of the false story in Terran lore about Medusa: men were afraid of the Medusa worshipers, so on Earth they killed Her priestesses, burned Her temples, and spread a new story about Medusa. Medusa worship never got as popular on Earth as it did on Orion, and part of that was the reaction of the men. Basically, they did what so many religions have done before and since: demonized and/or de-powered the enemy's deities.

Gods, but it makes way too much sense that Medusa would be an Old One.

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Alex post about solipsism

So [personal profile] alex_antonin just wrote this awesome post about solipsism and how it is the cause of 90% of humanity's problems. If you've ever wondered about the origin of stereotypes about gays and lesbians, like the one that homosexuality and pedophilia are the same thing; or if you've ever wondered where things comments "next we'll be legalizing marriage to goats!" come from, then this post will explain it: CLICK ME.

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