October 1st, 2013

Hermione not amused

Uh oh

I made a post weeks ago about how every month on the first, I get this nervous-type feeling in my stomach that makes me almost puke throughout the day. It is my body's reaction to knowing we're going to be going to Winco, where there is something in the air that makes me sick.

Well, I was out earlier at about 4pm, on the 30th of September, and it was starting already. I'm wondering if I should go to a different Winco this time around.

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Health notes

Health notes:

* Went to a different Winco. Felt fine until I'd been in the refrigerated section for a while, then got that weird nervous-type feeling, but otherwise was fine. I wonder if my body was just confused, if it thought we were in the usual Winco in response to all that cold air. Either way, it was less intense, like my body wasn't sure.

* Going to the doctor's Thursday to see if the doctor can help me figure out why my digestive system keeps giving me problems. Also gonna mention something Brooke mentioned; she noticed I tend to walk on the outsides of my feet, rather than the insides. It might be causing me problems.

* Looks like I might be getting a CPAP at last. The whole story is a bit long, but basically, it occurred to me that since I now have expanded Medicare coverage, I should check if Medicare would change its tune about the CPAP. (When I became eligible for a state program that pays my Medicare premium for me, I figured why not change to the expanded coverage?) Their previous verdict had been that they would only pay for the CPAP if I got another sleep study, the third in less than three years. And since they hadn't paid for the other two, and the damned things are $2000 apiece, I was like "Well hell" until the other day. I happened to be in the area of my clinic yesterday, so I popped in to find out if I could get a CPAP from Medicare with the expanded coverage. Sure enough, it seems like the doc will just have to fill out and send in some forms, and then I should get one paid for by Medicare! They require a sleep study every 7 years, but apparently the last one being less than a year ago was good enough for them under the expanded coverage. So YAY! And if I recall, the one I've been prescribed sends data via cell phone stuff to the doctor. Which will mean it won't be able to send data at Lilla's house, the cell reception there is almost as bad as it would be inside of a Faraday cage. And occasionally worse.
Och, a sleep study every 7 years. Oh well, 7 years is long enough to save up a couple grand. In theory. And it will be a lot easier if I get into a low income apartment.

* I need to buy a cheap pair of flat shoes suitable for winter. Back when I was flush with cash, I bought some shoes at this one place. I don't remember how much they were, but something like $50 or more, and they were guaranteed to last two years. It has now been three, and they're still in excellent condition, but they have just enough of a heel that my feet don't like them; they hurt my feet. So I'm gonna get some cheap flat-soled shoes.

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