September 14th, 2013


Anatomical realism in non-human sophonts.

I ran into a furry porn picture earlier on Tumblr of Anubis and Bast having sex. Bast had these huge human-like tits. So I reblogged it and added this comment:

One thing that really bugs me about furry art is they keep giving the women human breasts. Cats don't have breasts like that, their nipples (6 of them) are on their abdomen, not their chests.

Which is why, for the furred species I have in my main fantasy universe1 (along with humans, elves, etc), I've got their anatomy done a bit more realistically. The Hyena people and the Setekkians (who look like Sutekh/Set) and others, it's hard for humans to tell the two sexes apart because their women don't have human-like breasts. And because of this, the Hyena people and the Setekkians can all go topless if they want, it wouldn't even need to be censored if put on TV.2 And Hyena people are even harder to tell apart since, well, as hyena people, their women have pseudo-penises that look just like the male penises.

And then the Greks, and other humanoid dragon species, don't even have mammary glands or nipples at all, because they aren't mammals.

1 = The Lyria storyverse.

2 = Though how much you wanna bet that if their children went topless, that would get censored? Even though, as I said, neither sex has nipples on their chest.

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