September 13th, 2013


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Really boils my blood.

Originally posted by alex_antonin at Really boils my blood.
One of my Tumblr followers reblogged the following:

An oxymoron:

patriotic liberal.

To which I responded:

If by "patriotic" you mean possessing a blind obsession with the supposed superiority of your country and your supposed freedoms, so strong that you ignore the blatant signs of this country being turned into a fascist oligarchy since at least the Bush era, frothing at the mouth at any criticism of your leaders when they are busy raping white children, bombing the shit out of brown children, systematically destroying this country's freedoms in the name of their bronze age religion, destroying the environment in the name of capitalism, and turning a blind eye to myriad forms of blatant corruption, thinking the sun shines out of Republicans' asses while simultaneously being a racist asshole to Obama and accusing him of all the shit that the Republicans have been doing for decades, then yes, I am not patriotic.

If, however, you define patriotism as caring more about the ideals that this country was founded on, and the constitution, than you do for the leaders who are corrupt assholes; if you define patriotism as recognizing that this nation is becoming fascist and you desperately want to stop that and return us to true freedom and not just the empty buzzword "freedom,"; if you define patriotism THAT way, then I am a bigger fucking patriot than you or your ilk will EVER be.

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