September 12th, 2013

Fay Doll still

Art: Kusahnia, Goddess of Knowledge.

So last night I spent a several hours (from about midnight until about 5 am) drawing a picture of Kusahnia. I drew it in such a way that it would end up being rather big in PNG format, so I can maybe at some point print it out at Kinko's, because I drew it using the graphics tablet and my computer. I tell you, I am so glad I found the right mix of settings to get that thing to work properly!

It took me a long time to do, because I was using a photograph as a model and I wanted to get the hair as close to the same as possible, since that photo is what inspired me to do the drawing to begin with. It's a lot less ambitious than the original plan, just Kusahnia holding a book, but it still took hours of work.

Also, the picture being so big and the screen so relatively small, and the fact that I had to zoom in to get the lines right, I made mistakes. Well, one mistake that took two tries to correct. The mistake was that I did the bottom wrong, gave her EXTREMELY long legs, and made the bottom much wider than she was, so She ended up looking kind of cone-shaped at first. I picked a spot higher up and made it the new bottom, made it narrower. But the first attempt to fix it wasn't good enough; however, it was good enough of a fix to allow me to imagine Her legs underneath the clothes and thus get it right the second time. And being a digital medium, COMPLETE ERASURE of mistake areas, and no faint mistake lines! Woot! Though for the same reason, I kept saving every few minutes (in MyPaint's Open Raster format), only saving it to PNG when it was done.

Anyway, the copy I am about to show you is much smaller because that's what Photobucket does. So I've uploaded a closeup as well.

Oh, and before you ask: No, it is not an oversight; Kusahnia's hair is meant to be white. Kusahnia is described in the story in which She appears as having "brown speckled skin like a leather-bound book, blue eyes lit like lanterns, and paper-white hair." I didn't get the speckling, but I did give her brown skin. Which makes sense, since the model in the original picture that inspired this one, has brown skin.

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Elle Fanning

Another piece of the puzzle?

Well, today I went four hours between meals and didn't have a single sign of upset stomach. Breakfast had been this chicken/pasta salad I made last night, slightly more than a bowlful. (Ate til I was full.)

Then last night, I lost track of time drawing and didn't eat after midnight even though I was up til 5 am. Went to bed without eating anything, woke up fine. Last meal I'd had that night: tuna salad sandwiches, the tuna salad being made from one of those big cans of tuna. I et the whole thing.

Thinking about this, I realized that my summer eating habits have been different this summer. Granted, I do usually eat less in the summer (heat is an appetite suppressant for me) than I do in the winter. But usually in summer I still try to bulk up on protein before going out and about. But I hadn't been doing that lately. The two above incidents have made me realize I've been eating generally very small meals low in protein this summer. Which could explain the "eating every few hours" thing. I'm still going to nibble here and there every few hours, but for my main meals, I will try to bulk up on protein, so eating every few hours doesn't become such an urgent thing anymore.

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