September 5th, 2013


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Phoebe in Wonderland

It is a beautiful day out!

It is a glorious, beautiful day out! There's not a patch of blue anywhere in the sky, the evil yellow daystar is hidden by grey clouds, it's cool and moist outside, and now it's RAINING! Fuck, I love Portland's autumns and winters!

I just wish I'd known it would rain, so I could have worn close-toes shoes, instead of these sandals. Wet sandals are not fun.

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Steph perv

Books, books, books!

New woman at the Scrabble meetup last night had a brand-new book by David Brin that I hadn't known was out. David Brin is still my favorite author; I've read a large percentage of his writings; all of his novels, except for this new one and that one he did with Gregory Benford.

The woman also has a Kindle, and she told me she's been reading a lot of romance novels lately only because they're free, and she hates paying for e-books. Not knowing how much I could tell her, I restricted my comments to "Eew, romance novels!" and telling her that she could find e-books online for free. I was tempted to say "Mainstream hetero romance novels have nothing to offer me; I prefer to get gay and lesbian porn stories online, including age play erotica." But I did not.

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Hermione not amused

Atheists versus anti-theists.

I despise anti-theists. If you don't know what they are, I shall explain: anti-theists are to atheism as rabid "convert the heathens!" creationists are to Christianity. They PROSELYTIZE. Anybody who isn't an atheist is, in their eyes, a complete moron and must be converted or destroyed. And even when they claim to be aware of Hinduism and other many-god models, they still retain some ridiculous fucking notions. I made the mistake of arguing with one earlier on Facebook. Like her Christian counterparts, she doesn't listen to anything I say except to deliver arguments that don't make any fucking sense. She claims to know about polytheism but can't explain how her arguments, tailored to the monotheistic view, apply to the polytheistic model. All she could come up with was the same bullshit that if "they" had the power to end human suffering, and don't, then they were evil. I tried to point out that humans find it difficult to cooperate with one another, what makes her think gods would find it any easier, and she just repeated herself. Which is a classic sign of a proselytizer: no matter how intelligent they may be in other regards, there's something inherent in the proselytizer reality-tunnel that inhibits thought. I have never heard an intelligent argument about anything that anyone was proselytizing about.

From genuine "I don't believe but I don't care if others believe or not" atheists, I have had some fascinating and wonderful debates with. But anti-theists? It's like Robert Anton Wilson said: "When dogma enters the brain, all intellectual activity ceases." The more rigid your thinking about any subject, the smarter you will seem to yourself, and the stupider you will sound to others

Here is the bulk of a comment I made that explains:Collapse )It is because of anti-theists and proselytizing "skeptics" that one of the rules of Yahgahn is "No proselytizing!" Because it doesn't matter what the proselytized belief is: PROSELYTIZERS TEND TO BE DICKHEADS BECAUSE PROSELYTIZING IS A DICKHEAD THING TO DO.

And all this ties in with my frustration whenever I see "intelligent design versus evolution." Why can't it be BOTH? Why can't it be that some all-powerful being created the universe designed SPECIFICALLY TO EVOLVE? Specifically so that life could evolve? Why does it have to be one or the other? Why must humans so often think in such black and white ways? "Intelligent design OR evolution, not both." "Gay or straight, you can't be both." "Male or female, you can't switch sides or be both/neither." Fucking infuriating!

I really need to learn to avoid talking with people like that about the subjects they're dogmatic about. Because not only is it pointless because dogma makes people stupid, it's further pointless because, again in the words of Robert Anton Wilson, "Communication is only possible between equals." And dogmatic points of view ALWAYS have "My position is superior to yours" as an inherent attribute.

Like my LJ title says, "Opposed to rigid modeltheism"!


* Oh lovely, dogmatists that refuse to believe they're dogmatists.
* Dogmatist about atheism: "no belief is involved." You know, strangely, I have heard a Christian dogmatist use that exact phrase. Dogmatists tend to believe that their belief is self-evident.
* It doesn't fucking matter WHAT I say, NOTHING is getting through to this person. I have literally had more meaningful conversations with street signs.
* This person has begun resorting to ad hominem attacks and parroting my words back at me. I am fucking tired of this bullshit, it is the conversational equivalent of banging my head repeatedly against a stone wall. UNFOLLOWING POST AND UNFRIENDING. I honestly don't know why I didn't do that months ago.

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