August 30th, 2013


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Bank annoyances

So last week, I accidentally overdrew my bank account by $4, the first time I've overdrawn in more than 2 years (maybe even more than 3 years). I was startled by this news; I remember being told when I started the account that overdrawing would no longer be possible, though that could just have applied to debit card purchases. I overdrew because of a check. Further annoying was that I could have sworn I had a $5 cushion in place to prevent overdrawing.

I put $11 into the account, and that should have been the end of it. But apparently I didn't do that until the end of the one-week grace period during which they'd waived the $36 overdraft fee, so they hit me with another overdraft fee and thus was still $17 in the hole. (I have never understood overdraft fees; it is absurd to charge someone that much money for not having any money in their account. Maybe a $10 fee every time it overdraws [excepting the fee charge], but $36 is an obscene amount for an overdraft fee!) So I borrowed $20 from Brooke to get in the positive again before they hit me again, and got back a receipt telling me I was $2 positive.

That should have been the end of it. And technically it was, but last night I got a piece of mail from my bank saying I was $28 in the hole. Since my account had never, at any point in this thing, been exactly $28 in the hole, I had to get Shao-Kehn's help to escape a panic attack, because I was convinced this meant that they'd hit me with some other damned fee, even though I had put the $20 in less than three days after putting in the $11.

Went to the bank today at about noon, because the night before I'd been so tired I went to sleep about 1 am. (From having gotten very little sleep the night before.) Found out that the account was still positive. Tried telling the bank teller I was relieved by this news because I'd been panicking the night before, and why, but she misinterpreted and got her manager. Through a series of other funny misunderstandings, she said something about a $25 fee, and then waived it for me, and now my balance is $27. (Even though I had just been happy and relieved to still be in the positive numbers, but I wasn't going to argue with this.)

But then the best bit: she explained to me why I'd overdrawn. I hadn't made a mistake in the math at all, I'd just been missing some information. They had started charging me a $6.95 maintenance fee that they'd conveniently never mentioned before, so no wonder I overdrew! Well from now on, I am going to try to keep a cushion of at least $15 in it.

Oh also, between overdrawing when I thought it was impossible to do so and the reason for it being a fee they'd never informed me of, I've decided I am going to start shopping around for a credit union to switch to. Because every single fucking bank I have ever used has fucked me over in some way at some time. Goddamn for-profit greedy money-grubbing soulless bastard maggots! So yeah, I'm gonna start looking for a credit union to switch to. But I'm not just gonna switch to the first one I find, either. Gonna find the best one with the best policies and offers. So this will take more time than the switch from KeyBank to US Bank did. Because US Bank told me its overdraft policies were better Key Bank's policies, but they turned out to be worse; a nearly $40 fee (waived the first time) and then $25 fees every seven days is NOT better than Key Bank's policies. It is disgustingly worse. (And this will make the second time I'll have switched away from a bank for insane overdraft policies.)

I wish more than ever, now, that I had Internet at home. If I'd had Internet at home last night, I could have checked my bank account online and would not have had to spend an hour fighting a panic attack.

Oh well. Ever since the Occupy movement began, I've been in support of the "move your money from banks to credit unions" thing, I just never needed to bother about it before because until recently, US Bank was pretty damn good. Now it turns out they lied about their overdraft policies and also lied when they said they would never charge any maintenance fees. Ooooh, a corporation LYING, what a new development! What next, a corporation caring more about profit than about the environment? Perish the thought!

And since Amy actually has the patience to read through things like leases and bank policies, I might see about getting her to read through things for me before I choose a credit union.

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I am a weirdo and damned proud of it!

If I had the money to do so, I would love to have dresses along these lines, for winter wear:

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Others that are cool.

And these for spring and autumn wear:

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I also want enough armored rings to have one on each finger. I have wanted at least one of these for 15 years! Preferably the kinds with a clawed end.

And bubblegum-pink hair. I keep meaning to do that, but I keep putting it off.

Lately, I've been thinking about super-powers and have been feeling that while I would love to be a shapeshifter or be able to be in more than one place at a time, I would settle for the ability to create clothing of any style, color, and substance by magic. Then I'd use that power to fill my wardrobe full of all kinds of unusual clothing!

Hell, if I even had one bit of "garb" as it's called, that was nice. But the one dress I do have, is in need of repair (if it's even possible).

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