August 29th, 2013


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Food bank update

So I actually got called by the food bank people today. Color me astonished! I told him all about my issues with the food bank people, though, and he said to call the number he was calling from next time, in addition to the main number, because he was ready to deliver food to me, like the other people had said. Given my history with them, though, I was completely astonished to have actually gotten a call from them. So I put the number in my contacts just in case.

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Elle Fanning

Favorite colors in our collective

A list of the favorite colors of each member of the Fayanora collective:
(Subject to change)

I'm not going to include black, since we all like black. Unless it's the only one they respond with.

Molly Elizabeth: bubblegum pink and sunshine yellow. (She's partial to bright primary colors.)

Fayanora: Robin's-egg blue.

Alex: Indigo, forest green.

Lolita Leigh Smith: Black

Pi: Grass green, forest green, and red.

Tristan: Pink.

Ian: (No idea, he's not answering.)

Negarahn: Blood red, and white.

Shao'Kehn: Red-orange.

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Prayer works differently for different people.

Had a funny moment earlier that inspired me to write this:

Situation: Lilla asked me to pray for a friend of hers who is in possible danger.

Other people obliging: Hands clasped in prayer, eyes closed, several minutes of prayer. Either that, or several minute long ritual at their altar later that day.

Me: "You heard her, Shao'Kehn."
Shao'Kehn: *nods*

~ ~ ~

Yes, that last bit really happened. :-) Lilla asked me to pray for her friend, and since I didn't know the friend's name, I said to Shao'Kehn: "You heard her, Shao'Kehn." :-D Yes, sometimes all I have to do to pray is address the goddess living in my head with something as informal as "you heard her." :-D That's how our relationship is. :-)

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Pretty fingernails!

I did my fingernails last night, wanted to show them off before they got all chipped and stuff.

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I plan on buying a sunshine yellow polish to replace the orange, because I don't much care for the orange. May buy some other colors as well. I want, eventually, to have each nail a different color. But I only have 6 colors of polish right now. (The others are so old they've gone all weird.)

For the sake of the blind, and people who want to know the color names (when I know them), the colors are currently in this order (well, reversed, since the webcam acted like a mirror):

Left pinky finger AND right thumb: robin's egg blue
Left ring finger: a pink I'm not terribly fond of, that looks more like a red.
Left AND right "naughty" fingers: a glitter-full kind of dark purple.
Left AND right pointing fingers: A glitter-full light purple.
Left thumb AND right pinky: metallic light green.
Right ring finger: an orange I don't much like.

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