August 25th, 2013

Hit Girl

My day yesterday

So yesterday was a lot more interesting than I had planned it to be. I had to postpone my bank trip to night deposit some money because one of Brooke's neighbors needed help moving this large frakking wooden entertainment center thing moved from the relative she bought it from, to her apartment. And she pays for these sorts of things. Only $10 normally, but for an hour or two's work that's not bad (well, probably no more than an hour of actual work and maybe less even than that). Especially since she was getting rid of this huge wooden table that I thought would be a great replacement for the card table Amy has been sleeping under (and it is!), which the guy with the truck had to deliver to my apartment on the truck, on the way to pick up the entertainment center, it was so heavy. (One person could not lift it, I think, unless they were a circus strongman.)

I also got this hexagonal TV stand out of the deal, because she was going to throw it out otherwise, and it makes an excellent altar table, especially as it has storage space. Now, I'd been using this old blue trunk as an altar table before then, which had storage space too, but the lid would not open without everything atop the altar falling off. So this new altar table is a real gods-send, because I've got it situated so that the door opens from the side. It's the only side that doesn't have red altar cloth draped over it. Not much in there now aside from some spare altar supplies, but still pretty rad.

Then I went and did a night deposit at the bank, of some money Amy gave me. I need to do another one today on my way to see Lilla. Of course, by the time I post this, I will have done that already.

Oh, almost forgot a couple things that happened yesterday. So first, Brooke gave me a floppy disk (3 1/2 floppy) with a couple spreadsheet files for me. Not having a floppy drive on either of my computers, I had to dig out one of the USB floppy drives to read the disk. But apparently Brooke still has a fuckton of those things, and her computer is so old it still has built-in floppy drives. Both my computers being about 3 years old, neither has a floppy drive. Floppy drives are obsolete, after all. But they're still useful; if you have small files to give to someone and they don't have internet at home, or don't have their computer on them, or both, then floppies are nice to use, especially since they're so cheap that they're basically disposable; so if you lose one, big whoop.

Also, once I got my altar sorted out last night, I got on a cleaning whim and cleaned up my bedroom, because it would make using the altar easier. It looks much nicer now. Only bad thing is, the dust I kicked up is still making my nose and throat weird. Like, the throat is only mildly annoyed, but my nose has got snot annoying it but very little comes out when I blow it.

Oh yeah, and when I went out to dump a bunch of newspapers in the recycle bin, I found a fuckton of deposit bottles, including Vitamin Water bottles and water bottles, that someone had put in with the non-deposit recycling. Silly humans, throwing away money! Of course, I still haven't returned the bottles and cans Brooke gave me about a month ago, but probably Tuesday will be when I return them, since I have this new batch plus the Vitamin Water bottles from the case of them I got at the beginning of the month.

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Hit Girl

Interesting mini-dream

Written Saturday, August 24, 2013

I had an interesting mini-dream last night, that took no more than 5 minutes from start to finish. I found myself walking behind this bad-ass looking woman with a sniper rifle. We stopped when we were on a ridge looking down into a valley where some people were parking cars and getting out, and she was aiming down at them. The cars' roofs were loaded down with some kind of hard cases. I asked her who they were, wondering to myself if I was going to have to try to stop this woman with a gun from killing those people. She said simply, "They're with the Revolution of Lowered Expectations."

An aside before I continue... so this phrase, the revolution of lowered expectations, is from the Illuminatus! Trilogy. It's not a name of an organization there, but of a mindset; an anti-science, anti-progress viewpoint. But her words sparked a memory in me (which is how the "dream filling in the blanks" thing worked for me just then) that this was also the unofficial name for a group of right-wing nutjobs that wanted to take over the government because they didn't think the Republicans were going far enough or fast enough to drag us backwards socially. That this group wanted women to be property with no rights, wanted to exterminate "the gays," were racists to boot, and were also very capable of actually succeeding at an attempted coup. Life under that kind of government would be very bleak indeed.

All of that came to my mind the instant she said who they were, and I immediately responded, "You may proceed." And then I watched as she sniped them, with headshots, and I chuckled as they scurried in a panic to get their guns out and snipe back, which was foolish; they should have been concentrating on fleeing. They were all dead by the time I woke up.

The thing is, that wasn't much different than what I think my real reaction would be. In real life, I would have to know who the woman was, why I was with her, and if we were going to get into trouble for this. If for any reason we would NOT get in trouble for it, like if she was a government-hired assassin, then I would let her proceed, and indeed would likely chuckle as they scurried about in a panic.

Don't get me wrong; I could never pull the trigger, or hire a hitman, or in any real way be the cause of someone dying. (Hexing someone gives me plausible deniability even to myself.) Back when I was a child, I once accidentally killed a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest, that probably would have died anyway, and I still feel sad whenever I think about it. But for someone like those right-wing nutjobs, I would do like Batman from the first reboot movie and be like "You're right, I can't bring myself to kill you. But I don't have to save you, either."

It's also very much in character for me to laugh when violence and death befalls someone who really deserves it. When watching the Silent Hill movie, there was this scene where the demon girl finally gets into the church of the villainous bastards who blamed that little girl for being molested and burned her alive for it, and she uses barbed wire to tear the bastards to shreds. It's supposed to be this horrifying scene to shock you, but I was laughing so hard the whole time that I was having difficulty breathing, and started seeing stars. I was totally rooting for the demon child!

And you know, this reminds me of something. In the media, most villains are murderers and the like. But I think it would be totally cool to have a villain that never killed anyone, never ordered anyone killed, but if someone he hated needed to be saved, he or she would just stand back and smile and let whatever it was just happen. Not sure how to work that into a plot, but it's something to ponder.

I think the inspiration for this mini-dream was stuff on the news about this right-wing nutjob group called Sovereign Citizens, even though they sound completely incapable of doing anything like the guys in the dream were planning.

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Picard facepalm

I don't understand Lilla's mom

So just now I found tortillas in Lilla's mom's fridge. This on its own is odd, since tortillas don't need refrigeration. Just keep them in a sealed or resealable bag (which many brands now come in already) and keep it sealed, and tortillas will last unrefrigerated for MONTHS and still be good. They also come out of the package much more easily when kept at room temperature.

What makes it stranger is that this is the same woman who puts normal leavened bread in bread boxes. Which, I'm sorry, is stupid. Put a loaf in Thursday and it'll be moldy by Sunday. I'm not just making up a for-instance, I have literally seen a fresh loaf put in the bread box on Thursday and seen the same loaf on Sunday, maybe two or three slices used, and it's as green as the lawn from mold. There is nothing quite so heart-wrenching to someone as poor as I am as having to throw out a whole loaf of bread that could have been perfectly good if it had been refrigerated, because she was using a fucking bread box. Why do they even MAKE breadboxes anymore? Grrr.

Anyway, put a loaf of bread in the fridge and it will last WEEKS (as long as you keep it wrapped up in plastic)! Hell, I've betimes found things like bagels in my fridge that had been in there for months, and they were still good. Not simply edible; good. Bread is weird like that; keep it out, and it's the food equivalent of a mayfly. But refrigerate it, and it's the food equivalent of Methuselah! Granted, cold bread does get stiffer than room-temperature bread, but not by much.

For a woman who is constantly complaining about saving money and about how much things cost (despite the fact that by my standards, she and her husband are filthy fucking rich), she sure doesn't have any real idea about how to save money. She could save soooo much money on bread just by putting it in the fridge!

Oh, and she leaves fruit out, too, until it goes bad. And leaves out leftovers at times. (Granted, they're usually for Lilla to eat as soon as she gets home, but who knows how many hours these things were sitting out in the meantime?) With all the food she leaves out, I'm astonished this house isn't infested with fruit flies!

And I just remembered that it gets even more WTF: she freezes loaves of bread. I've seen them in there. It's a WTF because she knows to do this but doesn't know to refrigerate them. o_O What. The. Fuck. Is. WRONG. With. This. Woman?????


EDIT: I nearly cried the time I saw a bowl of rotting tangerines in her kitchen. And she KEEPS BUYING THEM. *headdesk* *headdesk* *headdesk*

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Hermione not amused

Sneering mobs

A friend of mine who spanges1 (spare-changes) because she used to be homeless and is only not-homeless because I let her sleep in my living room told me last night that she'd spent all day in the hot sun spanging and got only $4 and a lot of dirty looks. I asked her why she didn't use her parasol, and she said people would assume she wasn't really that in need if she could afford "luxuries" like a parasol, which cost all of $8, and also doesn't take into account that many homeless people still have some of their pre-homelessness belongings. The friend I mentioned has an Acer laptop, and I've read stories about homeless people using their laptops or iPads to make money. Heck, said friend wants to save up for an iPad and one of those credit card-reader dealymabobs so people without cash on hand can pay her for her artwork.

I suppose the sneering mobs think such "luxuries" should be sold for food. Idiots.

It also infuriates me that people tell her stupid things like "get a job." She's been trying to get a job for years and years, and has not had any success. (Except for one place that wanted her to do illegal stuff and fired her when she refused.) She's filled out and returned hundreds of job applications, with no luck. So all those fucking sneering idiots need to either fucking CAN IT or DIE IN A GODDAMN FIRE.

(Mama tiger is protective of her cub, yes indeedy.)

All of this is especially infuriating considering that we have the resources, technology, and networking to end poverty and hunger RIGHT NOW but the damned souls that profit off of the evil monster known as capitalism won't let us.

Grrr! I just will never understand anyone who defends capitalism. It is an inherently evil system that promotes greed and sneers at compassion. It can just fucking go to Hell.

1 = Spanges pronounced spain-jez. Spanging pronounced spain-jing.

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