August 16th, 2013


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Shoran uff it's a word

I do have an extensive vocabulary, but sometimes in Scrabble and Words of Wonder I just make guesses. Like "Oh, this sounds like a word," or "Oh, I wonder if this is a wor- IT IS!?!? o_O" or else I just string letters together on Words of Wonder until they start rocking back and forth to indicate I have discovered, randomly, a real word. Today's WTF "apparently it's a real word" for the day: "Shoran." It's apparently something to do with airplanes.

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Ubuntu programs I have found useful. Also, issues.

Ubuntu programs I have found useful:

* Psensor - Great program that tells you the temperature of the computer, warning you when it gets too hot. Does it in Celsius only, though, so you have to know what the limit for your computer is in Celsius. Psensor also tells you what percentage of the CPU is being used, which is useful because Ubuntu's Activity Monitor will not open if something else has gotten the CPU stuck at 100%.

* Touchpad-indicator - Tells me whether my laptop's touchpad is on or not, lets me turn it off. I have settings done so the touchpad is automatically turned off when the mouse is plugged in. I like this, because the touchpad had a tendency to fuck things up when I accidentally touch it while typing.

* GoldenDict - This is a free dictionary program, which is awesome. I tried StarDict, but that didn't work. So I got rid of that and installed GoldenDict, which is AWESOME! It's like a dictionary and an encyclopedia combined! I needed this because when I'm not online, I need to be able to look up words sometimes, and I don't own a paper dictionary.

* Cheese - Lets me take photos and videos with my webcam.

* Docky - I like this better than the built-in dock, despite its tendency to quit unexpectedly. It sits on the bottom of the screen instead of the left side, like the built-in dock does.

* Pidgin Internet Messenger - I don't remember what IM program came with Ubuntu, but Pidgin is superior. Lets me use not only Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, but also Facebook chat! And a bunch of others I don't use.

* WINE - Runs certain Windows programs within Ubuntu. Doesn't work for everything.

* Kolour Paint - Emulates Windows Paint.

* Drivel - Useful LiveJournal client that works with Dreamwidth. Superior to LogJam.

* Xsane Scanning Program - Wonderful program for working with your scanner.

* KTeaTime - Simple program that lets you time things like tea brewing, just tell it what you're brewing and it will alert you when it's been brewing long enough.


* Can't use Archive Manager to make ZIP files without it making the computer freeze and have to be forcibly restarted. Hell, just opening Archive Manager makes the CPU usage shoot up to 99%. Did manage to get two ZIP files made, but WinRAR did the other 5 ZIP files in about 1/16th the time it took Archive Manager to do it, not even counting the time wasted by the forced restarts.

* Nautilus (Ubuntu equivalent of Windows Explorer) doesn't seem to like large files, like ZIP files. Try to copy a ZIP file from a flash drive to the hard drive, and it siezes up the same as trying to make a ZIP file with Archive Manager. I even tried copying the file in Beyond Compare, which in Windows does copies faster and better than Windows can. No go; the computer again froze. I ended up having to restart into Windows and transfer the files that way. Windows did the file transfer in less than 5 minutes. Good thing Ubuntu can access the Windows side of the computer.

* Ubuntu has a CTRL+ALT+DEL but, unlike in Windows, it only works when whatever program is stuck is done being stuck. Which makes it fucking useless. Same goes for Activity Monitor.

Despite all that, I still like Ubuntu better than Windows. Internet works fine in Ubuntu, all sites, except for videos in Tumblr for some reason. But in Windows, none of the browsers were working right anymore, I was having to use five or six different browsers to do everything I wanted to do online because stuff that worked in one would not work in another.

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