August 15th, 2013

Hermione not amused

Psycho bus driver

I woke up this afternoon to the sound of Amy (my roommate) trying very hard not to have a panic attack as she recounted to Trimet, over the phone, a situation she'd had just maybe 15 minutes before. She was apparently on her bike at Prescott, waiting for the light to turn left into 57th (or Cully, I don't know; 57th becomes Cully at some point and I don't know or care where). Anyway, she was waiting there and this bus (line 71) stops about 6 inches from her rear wheel. She looks up and sees that he sees her. He is smiling at her. She moves, unnerved by this close call, over to the other lane. He then turned on purpose into the other lane to run into her, knocking her off her bike. She looked up again and the guy was laughing at her. The psycho bus driver (hipanic, fat, hair pulled back in a ponytail) had run into her on purpose! So no wonder she was panicking and telling Trimet about it. She's okay, thankfully, as is her bike, she's just shaken up.

If I see a guy driving the 71 matching that description, I am sure as fuck going to have WORDS to say to him.

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