August 13th, 2013


My brain scares me

I just thought of a horrible critter to inflict on the continent of Ahbahss, on the planet Traipah. Imagine something the size of a Japanese giant hornet, but social, aggressive as all hell, that swarms like Africanized bees and builds enormous mounds. They make a kind of honey that is extremely delicious, and fucktons of it, but they're huge, aggressive, and just one sting would put you in the hospital for a week.

Now imagine keeping these things professionally, to sell the honey.

I can picture the tactics now: have your group's fastest runner poke the hive with a stick and then run like fuck as the swarm chases hir. While the swarm is thus occupied, raid the nest for the honey.

My only question is, I'm wondering if the Ah'Koi Bahnis would eat it. I mean, they're herbivores. And honey is mostly sugar, right?

EDIT: OMG, this won't the only nasty swarming insect on Ahbahss. I found this in the info file while about to add this new critter:

Rah'laaf'dahk = Not only are these worms fast and sighted, they're also poisonous and are hive insects. Oh, and not really worms. They have literally thousands of tiny legs. They can shoot out of their burrows at speeds fast enough to come out flying, and the soldiers have wings for gliding. The poison in the stings won't kill from one sting, but it will set every single nerve on fire, causing scream-inducing agony for over an hour. They also don't lose their stingers, so they can sting multiple times. Home: Ah'Bahss.

The honey-making insects will be called jokokoro.

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The importance of a single word

Here's how important a single word can be: a single mis-heard, mis-spelled, or incorrect word in a sentence can make my brain go "WTF? o_O?" so bad it messes up the whole sentence, or even the whole paragraph.

Last night, Brooke and I had a relatively minor argument that was precipitated by my mishearing a single word badly enough that the response when I asked her to say it again made no more sense than hearing it the first time. The mis-heard word screwed up my understanding of the context so much that I doubt I would have been able to make sense of the sentence even if I could have heard the word properly in the response. And I think my brain was stuck on the misinterpretation, even though it made no sense, because even listening harder and trying harder to understand, that word remained the only garbled word to my hearing. And then I couldn't even explain to her the problem when we started arguing about it, because I couldn't remember in the heat of the moment what I'd misheard. I know now, though. She was trying to say she wanted to give the Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files cancer in the general sense ("I want to give him lung cancer," I think) , and my brain mis-heard it as "I want to give his [garbled word, some kind of organ, maybe "liver"?] cancer." I made a pig's ear of trying to explain what I needed repeating, because the first repeat was no more clear than before, and I didn't then realize that the context had been misinterpreted too.

Oh, I also found out I need to be more specific about what parts I need repeating. And I may need to start getting used to saying, "Say it again, differently this time," because I suspect this won't be the last time my brain gets stuck on a garbled sentence this badly.

And then again today, a comment on LJ. One word didn't make sense, and it destroyed my ability to understand that sentence.

EDIT: Okay, so I guess that was actually two words. I mis-heard "him" as "his," as well as garbling the word "lung."

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