July 3rd, 2013

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More birthday fun

Well my actual birthday day wasn't more fun than a normal Monday (which are fun enough, since those are days I hang out with kengr. Hung out with her longer than usual, since neither of us wanted to do grocery shopping in the heat. She was napping for part of it, so I used her back room for Internet. Decided to change Ubuntu's virtual disk from the 6 gigs I'd set it at ages ago (when I was rarely using Ubuntu) to a much more substantial 30 gigs. The heat was so bad that even with the room's fan and the cooling pad working together, just this process was making dangerous amounts of heat. So I couldn't do anything else on the computer while waiting, and it took over an hour. I really regretted leaving the Nook at home. So I have decided to take it with me wherever I go, now.

Around 6 AM, we headed off to Winco together, while it was still cool. I got home around 9 or 10 AM (I forget which, exactly), put cold stuff away, left the rest, and went to sleep. Woke up at 3:30 pm to get ready for my date with Lilla (lillakat), and left at 4. I called her mom to make sure she was up. I had forgotten that her only remaining Hungarian student was now getting his lessons on Tuesday, so she was already up and at Starbuck's by the time I called her house. (Calling Lilla's cell is still an exercise in futility, after all these years; she always either forgets it at home or can't hear it ring when it's in her purse on the floor.) So I went to Starbuck's and did some reading on my Nook while I waited. (I was still reading "Player of Games" at that point.)

When Lilla was done, we went to this middle eastern place on Belmont called Hoda's, which is where she'd offered to take me because she knows I like Mediterannean food, but hadn't tried much of it. We ordered this thing that was a variety of stuff together, a bit like a tasting... *flaps hands* tasting thingy. Like they do with Chinese food sometimes. Anyway, she got the vegetarian one, because while she does eat meat, she prefers vegetarian meals, and some meat (like beef) creeps her out.

Anyway, so she had the vegetarian one and I had the meat version. Mine came with a meat cabob and a small meat pie, but everything else was the same. I was asking a lot of questions and taking notes during the meal, wanting to remember everything. I now know what tabouli is, I love baba genoosh (I know that's misspelled but I don't know how it's spelled), and the tahini sauce is great for dipping meat and falafel in. Oh, that reminds me: FALAFEL! It's vegan, but it tastes like meat! I could scarcely believe it wasn't meat! I'm curious how they do it.

After the meal was done, we got two boxes to take the leftovers back in. We went to Zupan's to try to get a coffee for Lilla, but their coffee area was closed down. But it's a grocery store, so she got a canned espresso instead. I got a Vitamin Water; Defense, because I think I have a cold. Been sneezing and stuffy nosed a lot for days.

We talked for a long time at Zupan's. When they closed, we went our seperate ways. I had to get Brooke to let me in to my own apartment, because earlier in the day I had left my keys on the bed with the mail, and Amy was still home when I left, so I hadn't needed to lock up. I hadn't known my keys weren't with me until I was at Starbuck's! And Amy wasn't home when I got back. It's okay, I had to go to Brooke's anyway to pick up the last piece of lemon pie she'd bought me for my birthday (a cold pie that had been frozen when we first ate it. Great for the hot day!). Also had to pick up the iced tea I'd left behind at Brooke's. But yup, my keys were on the bed by the mail. Good thing it was a warm night.

On to today:

Because my Nook now works fine as long as I only give it ePubs and PDFs, and because Mom had sent me $30 cash for my birthday, I decided to go to the downtown Powell's after the Scrabble meetup, to see if they had any clip-on book lights. Since Nooks use e-ink, and mine does not have a backlight, it was impossible to use it at night waiting for the bus unless there was a light in the shelter or a nearby streetlight spilling light into the area. I'm at Powell's right now, as I write this.

It took me some wandering around and asking multiple employees where they were, but finally I found where the book lights were at. I looked at all of them and got the cheapest clip-on light they had, at $10.99. It's a good thing it has a flexible neck, because I had to clip it to one side of the top of the Nook, to keep from blocking the on/off/sleep/wake button. But I have it nicely attached and positioned, so next time I wait for the bus, I can read on it. I'll have to unclip the light to stow the Nook in my purse, but whatever. The light takes three AAAs, and I just happen to have rechargeable AAAs for when the ones that came with the light eventually go dead.

Currently on the Windows side again, using Semagic. I did this mainly because I finished with "Player of Games" and wanted to load some more of Mr. Banks' "The Culture" books. Today, though, I've been reading a Harry Potter fanfiction called "Aurelian." Pretty good so far. It's a novel-length fanfiction, which I generally love, but they're a pain to search for.

Also compiling together chapters from this web serial called "Worm," to convert them to epub format. Because even in places with wifi, I can't read it on my Nook; the author went with white text on black background, which is impossible to read on my Nook. What the author was thinking, I don't know...

Anyway, that's all for now.

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