June 20th, 2013


Artsy lately

So I've been really artsy lately, for the first time in ages. Part of it is the Wellbutrin, but I think a larger part of it is living with a diurnal Human. She doesn't mind my continuing to use my computer in the living room (where she sleeps) as long as I'm quiet, but I didn't feel comfortable doing that the one time I tried, so I instead go into my bedroom. Where I can, after all, use my laptop if I want, and even move the 2TB drive in there. But I've found another thing to do: draw.

I started out with a couple of Molly style drawings. One of Lilla and Molly naked under the covers on Lilla's couch (nothing but shoulder and leg showing, but clothes strewn about), with lots of Molly's characteristic nifty details like cats, toys, furnishings, books, etc. And though a large part of that picture was Lilla's parents' downstairs TV room, the left half was my apartment's living room, with Amy sleeping under the table in a sleeping bag that makes her look like a burrito. We gave that picture to Lilla for her birthday. :-)

Then we started a picture of Amy and Molly (clothed this time) standing hand in hand. Amy's cello is there, in the picture, too, as is her bike helmet. But Molly got tired then and so we haven't finished it by populating it with other details like maybe Amy's bike.

Then last night I had an inspiration to do some spiritual art. It started when I was on the computer, and stumbled on an old saved picture of a pregnant woman in an interesting pose that was elegant and had an air of mystery about it. I printed it out to use as a reference.

Later, in my bedroom, I drew two pictures. I couldn't get enough inspiration to use the photo at first, so I started with a drawing of Grah'Bahn, pregnant and dancing, because I haven't had a drawing of Grah'Bahn with me for years. The only drawings of Deities on my altar wall were several of Shao'Kehn, and one of Nahtahdjaiz. So I drew Grah'Bahn, and in the picture She is nude, dancing with joy (while weeping with joy), because of the impending birth of Her daughter Thurr, Deity of Peace and Love.

When that was done, I had more inspiration. When I'd first started before to use the pregnant woman picture for a reference, I'd run into the problem that - while She had appeared pregnant to me before, Shao'Kehn had never been pregnant in any of the canonical tales I'd written. (Despite being called Mother Shao'Kehn... Her "mother" title was always more from Her social role than any biological one.) But then when I tried again, I had the brainwave that the way She had created The Eternal Guardian Spirits (like guardian angels) was by becoming pregnant. I don't have a tale to go with it yet, but when I got that idea, I set to work putting Shao'Kehn into the pose in the picture.

The face was hardest. The face had been hard to do on the other picture, too. I'm used to drawing faces that are facing forward, and so faces in any kind of profile are extremely difficult for me. I seriously think that at least 1/4th of my total drawing time was on the faces, if not longer.

Anyway, finished Shao'Kehn, but most of the page was still blank. So I thought about it, and added Ahndahn, since they're married. I used another picture, of a nude woman in a meditation pose, for Ahndahn. I seated Her behind Shao'Kehn, since that's where the empty space was.

Shading on both was... interesting. I thought the shading would be super hard for Shao'Kehn, since She's dark-ish skinned anyway, but the picture I was using as a reference helped. Same with Ahndahn, except that where Shao'Kehn is dark, Ahndahn is light. I believe Her color is described in the Noiionayya as "all white from head to foot as Morshenda had been black." And by white, I meant pure white; snow/chalk white. And by black, I meant onyx/obsidian type black. So shading Ahndahn in required keeping the graphite from the pencil away from most of Her skin and hair, and Her eyes as well.

Then I started thinking about how Ahndahn and Shao'Kehn are so much opposite of what you'd expect in many ways, such as Ahndahn, despite being Goddess of Order, has a disordered mind, and is often unsure of Herself. Whereas Shao'Kehn, despite being a chaos goddess, has a very orderly mind, full of useful advice. Then there's their titles, Mother Shao'Kehn and Father Ahndahn, despite the fact that, until my newly planned tale, Shao'Kehn had never been pregnant in any of the canon stories, but Ahndahn had. Further, though Ahndahn *did* father a child, She had to be talked into it, and hand-held by Shao'Kehn, because She was being asked to father a child with Grah'Bahn, but She didn't want to cheat on Shao'Kehn. (See "A Love Deep and Open.")

Anyway, so those thoughts led to me thinking, "If I'd been aware of this trend when I first came up with them, and had been using Western symbolism, I would have had Shao'Kehn be the light-skinned one and Ahndahn the dark one." But then I realized that in Traipahni symbolism, their colors ARE opposite of Traipahni color symbolism. Because in Traipahni symbolism, black/dark are associated with positivity - the black flag is used to signal agreement or consent. And white flags are used to denote dissent. I wouldn't say they think white is evil and black is good, because they don't think in such absurdly simple ways, but having Ahndahn be all white is, to the people of Traipah, as having a pure black Order goddess would be to Western symbolism: unusual and possibly... ironic? Likewise, a dark-skinned Chaos goddess is, to Traipahni standards, unusual too.

Oh, and I almost forgot! While all of my previous pictures of Shao'Kehn depict Her as having multiple arms for no reason I've been able to determine (as She never appears that way to me in headspace), this picture of Her had only two arms. And one of them, you can only see the hand, since the rest is hiding behind Her.

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Singulaplural pronouns

Okay... something has been missing from TPNN for all this time, and I can't believe it's taken me this long to realize it. But I finally realized it last night on my way back from the pagan meetup, while planning something in my head. I was getting annoyed because I couldn't decide if I wanted to use singular or plural pronouns for our collective, and both had their pros and cons. Then I did a facepalm as I realized what I needed to do. Especially since multiplicity is more common on Traipah. (It's at least as common there as homosexuality/bisexuality is here.)

So now, I have some "singulaplural" (singular AND plural) pronouns for Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog, specifically for use by/with multiple groups. And here they are...

(Examples will be mostly in English because I intend to use these new pronouns!)

For use BY multiple groups, when referring to themselves:

Sha'az (shah-ahz) = I/we (alternative "shaaz")
Shiiah (she-uh) = my/ours mine/ours

A. Shaaz think that you're not being very respectful of shiiah feelings.
B. Some day shaaz will get shiiah-self a cat.

For use when referring to multiple groups:

Gry = Them/they/she/he
Grair = their/his/hers

A. Gry said I wasn't being respectful of grair feelings, but that's just because I had a headache. Can you get gry the message?
B. I really like grair cat. I wonder where gry got it?


Adding second person singulaplurals, which could be used for more than just multiples:

Goh - you/y'all
Griiah - your/y'all's

(For non-multiples, or unknowns, TPNN still uses "thiin (theen)" for "I/me," "thiiah (thee-ah)" for "my," "grehn" for "we," and "grehj" for "our." "They" is "uugaam (oo-gahm)," and "their" is "sada (say-dah)" or "uugahnihn (oo-gone-in).")

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Extra Spoon Spell for chronically ill pagans.

A Dreamwidth friend of mine linked to this Tumblr post. Tis a spell for chronically ill pagans to get more "spoons." If you don't know what that means, the link also contains a link to the "Spoon Theory" post that will explain.


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