April 21st, 2013

Hermione not amused

Timing is important

So today, Lilla calls me at ten til 1, waking me up, telling me I have an hour to get to her parent's house so I can ride with them to Lilla's recital (which I did indeed want to go to). One hour's warning for this, and the last time she told me about it was days ago, and she didn't even know when it was.

I was, of course, irritated. First of all, she should have called me yesterday to remind me of it, tell me WHEN it was, so I could put it in my phone to be woken up in time. One hour to go from being asleep to being ready for a recital is nearly impossible, especially on a Sunday, when there's 30 minutes or more between buses. It takes more than an hour to get to Lilla's parent's house by bus on a Sunday. I would have had to forgo breakfast to get there in time, and that's not something I can do. Whenever I've tried, I've nearly passed out after an hour.

So naturally, I did not make it there by the impossible deadline. Though I did make it close enough to her place that it would have taken her mom five minutes, if that, to pick me up where I was at, and Lilla knew this because I told her so, at the time, when she called again. So, because her impatient (and, I suspect, selfish-to-the-point-of-psychopathy) mother couldn't be arsed to go maybe five minutes out of her way to pick me up, Lilla instead gave me the address and directions to where the recital was. I repeated them back to her several times to make sure I had the information right, and she said I did.

Her directions were completely worthless, however. She said the line 15 bus would take me right there, if I got off at 35th; it did not. The address she gave me was 3505 SE Tibbles or Tiddles or something like that, an address that everyone I asked (even Google Maps, later) agrees does not exist. There IS no Tibbles or Tiddles or any other T streets in that area except for Taylor, and Lilla insists that wasn't it.

She said something about a church. I found a church, asked the guy at the door (pastor, I think) if there was a recital there. There was not. So I looked up and down 35th, trying to find a 3505 at one of the streets intersecting it, and found nothing. After half an hour of fruitless searching with utterly worthless directions to a nonexistent address, I gave up and went to Starbucks, leaving messages on Lilla's parent's home machine since Lilla almost never answers her cell phone. (Why she even bothers having a cell phone, when she only answers it once out of every 40 attempts to call her, and takes at least 24 hours to respond to text messages, I have no idea.)

Then when I explained all this to her, when she called a third time, she got annoyed with me. Ha! Lilla, annoyed with ME, over something that was almost entirely her fault? It is to laugh! *Sigh* I don't know WHAT was going through her mind today. Let us review:

1. It was ridiculous for her to expect me to be awake, when the last I knew, she didn't even know what time the silly thing was, and she's lucky I got as much sleep as I did (6 hours), considering I had forgotten entirely about the silly thing, as she KNEW I would. She knows I have a memory like a steel sieve.

2. She should have reminded me the day before, so I could put it in my phone. But she didn't.

3. I'm irritated at her mother for being too impatient to go less than 5 minutes out of her way to pick me up.

4. Lilla should have known better than to be the one to give me directions anyway; this (Lilla) is the girl who gets lost going from the bathroom to the kitchen, for cryin' out loud. Lilla giving me directions anywhere is like a Saint Bernard trying to teach someone calculus.

5. Most importantly, she should have given me TWO hours to get there, not one. Especially on a Sunday!

But at this point, I'm kind of used to friends doing things despite the fact that they should know better. Brooke still hasn't learned that I don't like being touched without explicit permission, nor does she listen when I keep telling her in detail the fucked-up ways my brain works, then gets annoyed with me when she forgets to take these facts into account, which is even more annoying... she's hardly NT herself, you'd think she'd learn. Also, she KNOWS I'm hard of hearing, and keeps acting as though I can hear perfectly, getting annoyed with me when I point out that what she's said sounds like "Wah wah wah wah wuh wah" to me.

And more importantly, I have lost count of how many times I've told Brooke that MY BRAIN OFTEN CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE between voices and background noise; she keeps talking at me suddenly, reading out stuff without so much as a "Hey Fay, listen to this," and by the time my brain realizes that the sound its hearing is human speech and maybe it ought to switch gears, I've already lost half of what she's said. I've only told her this about umpteen-thousand times, and she still gets irritated with me when she has to repeat things, even though it's her own damned fault for not making sure my brain is in the right gear to process speech first.

Oh, and I shouldn't even get STARTED on how many times I've explained about the times my brain is in the right gear for speech, I'm listening, I hear every word clearly, and STILL none of it makes an ounce of sense for some reason...

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Elle looks up

Things I would love to have/do

Things I've wanted for years and haven't yet gotten the courage to do, even when I had the money:

1. Get my ears pierced. (Fear of needles)
2. Dye my hair pink.
3. Get the Shao'Ahn'Dih'Gahn tattooed over my left breast. (Fear of needles)

Things I want to get when I can keep more of my money:

1. A wooden staff.
2. A woolen winter cloak.
3. An e-reader.
4. Proper "garb." Specifically a dress like this: this, this, and others of various appearances. I'd like to have a whole wardrobe of garb dresses, so many I could choose to never wear modern style clothes ever again if I wanted to.
5. Some nice hats I can actually feel good about wearing.
6. Armored rings. Like the Terminator ring here. (The "Iron Reaver" and "hand claws" ones are cool, too, but with the blades on them, I'd be scared to actually wear either of them anywhere outside of the house.)
(Edited to add #7) 7. A hearing trumpet. No, seriously. It would be a lot more useful to me than a hearing aid, given the fact you can aim them. Hearing aides just amplify everything, and that wouldn't help me at all. (Besides which, one of Shao-Kehn's Aspects uses a magical ear trumpet that lets her hear the cries of the dead and dying.)

Things I'd get if I were moderately rich/saved up enough:

1. A machine capable of brewing about 5 gallons of iced tea at a time.
2. A very large fridge, and separate freezer.
3. Custom Ubuntu/Windows dual-boot laptop or PC with a 2 TB drive, blu-ray DVD burner, and high-end speakers.
4. One of those high-end computer drawing tablets, where the drawing surface doubles as a monitor.
5. iPad or Android tablet.
6. A push-scooter that can actually hold my weight (preferably 3 or 4 wheels, and one that can be folded up). Either that, or a Segway.

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