April 16th, 2013


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Enraging day so far

Last night I went home, and I got to bed around 7 AM. I had, for some reason, the brilliant idea to call the food box people the moment they opened (since I could use more bread, among other things), and since they didn't open til 9, I set my alarm. I called them the moment they opened, and was already on hold. I was informed, after about 5 minutes, that 4 people were ahead of me. I was like, "Okay, then it should only take about 10 minutes."

Well, 20 minutes later, I was STILL waiting, and so impatient and angry I could have bitten steel plating in half and spit nails. I even had Pi try using his magick on it, to no avail. When I finally got through, another 5 minutes or so later... the person on the other end could not hear me. At all. After a bit, I got hung up on because they assumed nobody was there. I could hear them, but they could not hear me no matter how loud I got.

You can probably imagine I was angry. Well... "angry" didn't even BEGIN to describe it. I paused long enough to set the phone safely down, then went into a screaming rage the likes of which I haven't done for months. I screamed so loudly that I'm surprised none of the neighbors banged on walls or floors to shut me up. I screamed myself hoarse. I even screamed so hard and long I almost passed out from lack of oxygen. And then, I spent the next three hours or so pacing around the apartment talking aloud to myself about it, unable to settle down.

Why so angry? Because not only did I wait on hold for a half an hour, only to be unable to be heard, I was also VERY pissed off that it took half an hour to help 4 people, when the whole process only takes about 4 or 5 minutes once you connect. I figure the only logical explanation, especially given the hold voice's boasts about how they were spending 92 cents of every donated dollar on actually helping people (8 cents per dollar administrative overhead my ARSE), that they only have ONE human being manning the phone lines. There's no other explanation I will accept. It can only have taken so fucking long to process the "I need food boxes" requests of 4 people if there were only one person manning the phones.

Also, I was pissed because EVERY MOTHERFUCKING TIME I call them, there's always SOMETHING. Sometimes it's waiting on hold 45 minutes (on a cell phone, I might add) to get through. But more often than not, the issue is that even when I DO get through, and they tell me my food boxes are on the way, NOBODY EVER COMES. I call again, inform them nobody came the day they were supposed to, get assured that they'll be over tomorrow, and NOPE, STILL NOBODY! It worked smoothly only ONCE in the entire time I've been needing them. And I guess I must be guilty of extreme optimism, because I keep wasting my time trying to call them.

Well today was the final fucking straw. I am NEVER calling those fuckers again. I will get my food boxes by going into the fucking offices, and if they bitch at me again about how I should have called, boy am I ever gonna give them an earful. AND I'll be sending the idiots a letter telling them how they should hire more than one motherfucking jackass at a time to man the goddamn phones. Because I can't be the only poor person who doesn't have a landline, and thus cannot afford this bullshit. True, I have an Assurance phone, so my minutes are free, but I have a limited number each month and so I can't waste gods-know how many minutes on hold, just to have my request disappear into the ether.

And, since I couldn't settle down after that, and I'm STILL pissed as Hell about it, I gave up on sleep. I am once more going on over 17 hours without sleep. And here I am at the library, testing the wifi, which almost never works properly on my laptop on the Windows side, but which seems to work fine on the Ubuntu side.

My throat STILL hurts, a little, from all the screaming I did earlier.

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Many months ago, my 16 gig MP4 player died. And one of the functions I most miss from it was the ability to read text files. Sure, the screen was tiny and hard to read, but I got more reading done with it (reading free fiction stories1 from the Internet) in one week than I do from paper books in three months. I don't know why this is, it just is.

Today I started looking at e-readers. The best one I've found so far, for cheap, is Nook First Edition. It doesn't do text files, but there are programs one can get for free online to convert text files to PDFs or ePub, which Nook can read. So that's not a problem. And for as cheap as $20 on eBay (with only $7 shipping), I'm going to start saving my pennies. Of course, I also told my parents about it, so maybe they'll get me one for my birthday and I can use those saved pennies for a nice staff, instead. (I checked out staffs at Moon Shadow earlier, and he had some for as cheap as $15. But the one I most fancied was a little over $17.)

And not only is Nook First Edition an e-reader, it also has wifi and a web browser and games, so I could use it in place of my laptop when I go out and about! I really really want one of these!

Anyway, wish me luck in getting a Nook!

1 = A mix of PG fanfics, free original stories people posted, and porn stories. :-D

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