December 27th, 2012

Elle looks up

My dreams just keep getting weirder.

I had perhaps my weirdest dream ever last night. There I was, having a perfectly normal (for me) dream wherein I was flying in some kind of large airplane with huge glass plate window, looking out at the clouds. I was also opening and closing doors for some reason. Then, there was something about the plane being a submarine at the same time. That's when the orcas showed up, and everything went fucking crazy.

Basically, once the orcas showed up, reality went fucking bugnuts. It was pure chaos, and all I can say about it beyond that was that reality was burning, twisting, warping, melting, colors were exploding like the ultimate LSD trip, and reality turned to poison. When it all calmed down, I found myself in the front yard of one of the houses I used to live in, back in Iowa. Oh, and there were dead orcas EVERYWHERE. Sticking out of the ground, melted into trees, melted into the house, melted into the road, so on and so forth. Dead orcas, in the middle of a place that is landlocked for hundreds of miles.

My mom and dad came running out, terrified and wondering what the hell was going on. We all tried to figure out what was going on. From what I was saying in the dream, it was plain I thought I was awake, and that all this weirdness had really happened. Anyway, all we figured out about things was that I now had superpowers: shape-shifting and mass-shifting, but I couldn't control them. I was also immortal. At one point, I got blasted to smithereens, and re-formed myself at Grandma's house three weeks later. By then, the whole issue was passe to everyone else, apparently, and they wanted me to sit down and eat dinner. But all I wanted to do was to was go online to find out more about what happened. I remember I especially wanted to talk to KatrinaTheLamia, because some of what had happened reminded me of how she said she viewed reality all the time anyway. I was trying to decide whether or not to eat dinner or go find my laptop when I woke up.

*Sigh* My dreams just keep getting weirder all the time. Like my brain is trying to one-up itself.

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