December 25th, 2012


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Elle Fanning

A thought occurred to me.

Earlier, it occurred to me that in the “12 days of Christmas” song, the person singing is actually getting a lot more than just the things you might think. They’re getting everything in every previous stanza plus one new thing, every day! So there’s 12 partridges in a pear tree, 22 turtle doves, and so on, how much of each thing they got depending on how many times the stanzas are repeated. In fact, this is what I figure they’ve gotten in total:

12 Drummers Drumming (12x1)
22 Pipers Piping (11x2)
30 Lords a-Leaping (10x3)
36 Ladies Dancing (9x4)
40 Maids a-Milking (8x5)
42 Swans a-Swimming (7x6)
42 Geese a-Laying (6x7)
40 Golden Rings (5x8)
36 Calling Birds (4x9)
30 French Hens (3x10)
22 Turtle Doves (2x11)
12 Partridges in a Pear Tree (1x12)

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