November 4th, 2012



Well, OryCon was fun as usual, but there were some annoyances:
  • No descriptions of the panels anywhere. Just titles. I might have missed something great that I couldn't figure out the content of, from the title.

  • The pagan ritual was not on the schedule. I didn't find out there had been one until the next day, when I happened to get an update that there was a pagan workshop Saturday night, which I then went to.

  • The maps were so poor that there were times when they were completely useless, and I had to ask where a room was because it wasn't on the map.

  • Something of a map issue, but more of a naming issue: Had to have the PNW and FPNW ballrooms pointed out to me (which turned out to be two names for the same place), because the map wasn't clearly labeled. Annoyingly, if they'd just said "The Oregon Room" on the schedule, I would have known exactly where that was.

  • Missed out on the concert of two artists I love because I didn't recognize their names; but that wasn't anyone's fault.

  • Found out that the hotel wifi can only be used if you pay for it. Frankly, there should have been some arrangement so that anyone who'd registered for the con should be able to use it.
At least registration took about a quarter of the time it normally took. Though we still had to wait for something like 15 minutes.

Brooke left early on Friday because she wasn't feeling great. I never saw her on Saturday, so I've no idea yet if she was there at all on Saturday. I stayed late as I could both nights, though later on Saturday because of the pagan workshop.

Then today, I got up at what I thought was 11 AM, felt so tired that, despite trying to convince myself to stay up, I went back to bed. Woke up a couple hours later but decided to continue staying home. Only realized at what I thought was 3, that the stupid motherfucking goddamned cocksucking blasted frakking daylight savings time had been last night, and I could have slept in another hour and still gone to the last day of OryCon. Oh well, there wasn't anything I was married to seeing.

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Four rituals in four days!

I'm getting into the habit of doing rituals! I didn't do one last night, but I did one on the second, and I did one Saturday night (at home, since I missed the one at OryCon). I'll not go into huge details on them, because the fourth was basically just:
1. Cast a sphere.
2. Recited this poem in a musical way.
3. Thanked the guardians of the 9 directions, ended the ritual.

And the third was:

1. Cast a sphere.
2. Did AUM for a while.
3. Took a list of Shao-Kehn's Aspects and prayed to each one in turn (all 17 of them) for help in defeating my depression, and help achieving my goals. (I may do the same thing, but with the rest of the deities in my pantheon, later.)
4. Ended the ritual.

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