September 30th, 2012


Macabre Molly

(Written Saturday.)

Molly Elizabeth, our collective's resident inner child (a blonde, blue eyed, innocent-looking 7 year old girl), is... well, weird. There's really no two ways about it.

Of course, we've known this for a long time. It kinda goes with the territory; we're all weird, in the Fayanora collective. We share memories, too, and co-front, so that spreads the weirdness around. But Molly's weirdness is usually restricted to being a horny little girl who likes to drive the rest of us crazy by singing country western songs and other of the world's most annoying songs over and over and over again at random intervals.

Today, though, she did something odd even for her. It started out with this image in our mind she sent us, of her sitting on the floor drawing and coloring, which was normal and boring and we weren't paying much attention. Then she starts telling this children's story she was making up on the fly. We were distracted, so we weren't paying much attention. We were following the jist of it, though; two siblings are being hunted by a man with a mustache, a man in a black hat; they get away, out-think the man, and thwart his dastardly scheme when the good police officer arrests the man for attempted kidnapping.

Just as we're expecting "And they all lived happily ever after," Molly instead casually says, "And they all died horribly when the train they were in falls off a cliff and onto an orphanage THE END." Which threw the rest of us for a loop. Molly just kept on coloring in the image she was sending us, without looking up or blinking or even smiling more than usual.

Later, she did it again. Only this time, it was a version of The Three Little Pigs. The three pigs thwart the wolf as usual, and he goes away. Again, the "happily ever after" is pre-empted, this time with "And then the farmer lassoed the three little pigs and cut their heads off, chopping them up and eating them as bacon THE END."

Though it's mildly creepy, I find myself so amused I think I may just have her help me write them out as "Macabre children's stories." :-)

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