September 21st, 2012


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Browser issues

Had to stop using Opera because I figured out that my issues of Tumblr losing my comments was only happening on Opera; Alex uses Chrome and never has a problem. So I tried Lunascape. Seemed to be good, and then I found I couldn't start a new post on Tumblr. The page loads, but I can't get into the text box. So now I'm trying Safari.

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Hit Girl


It's amazing how much difference there can be between members of a collective about one thing. Take this, for instance:


Lo: Shiver of awe at the beauty of it.
Molly: Shiver of terror.
Alex: Indifference.
Pi: Shiver of excitement at thought of exploring one at night.
Fayanora and Negarahn: "What a disgusting waste of space."

I shall explain that last one... on Traipah, people tend to take up as little space on a planet as they can, leaving as much nature alone as possible. Human cities would seem like disgusting sprawl to them. Wasting space burying people in such an inefficient manner as happens in most graveyards would disgust them. Different Traipahni cultures deal with the dead differently. Some have Duenicallo or Shao'kennah eat their dead. Some cremate their dead. Some do something similar to resomation. Some have things similar to catacombs for the dead. But all focus on efficiency and taking up as little space as possible. They view our kind of cemetaries with the same "what a lavish waste of space and money" as we might view the pyramids for the kings of Ancient Egypt.

Thought about this a few days ago when passing a cemetery. Took this long to get around to writing the entry out.

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