July 2nd, 2012

Elle looks up

The big three oh.

So as of yesterday, I am 30 years old, chronologically, even if I still feel like a child or an adolescent.

As Brooke pointed out, 30 in Roman numerals is XXX. I am now XXX years old. :-D Ironic, given what I was writing the night I turned 30. :-d

In Traipahni numbers, since theirs is a base 6 system, I'm 50 years old. The way they write their numbers, that's an O and a five-pointed star. And in six years, I'll be 100 years old in their system. (Written like OOI.)

In Mayan, I am . =

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Fay Doll still

Kyorrethett Syndrome

(Written the other day.)

Earlier in the week, or earlier than that, I made a post about how the neuro-typical Ah'Koi Bahnis (or other Traipahni sophont species) would be considered to have Asperger's Syndrome if they were human.

Well, I'm writing up a little piece in the Silence Speaking novel, a supposed excerpt from a book by the fictional xeno-anthropologist Marion Dears, and in part of this excerpt, she not only says that the neuro-typical AKB would be an aspie if they were human, she also goes on to say, "In fact, there is a psychological complex among the people of Traipah called Kyorethett Complex, or Kyorrethett Syndrome, whose sufferers would be considered neuro-typical if they were humans."

Also, she calls it "Asperger's Complex" rather than "Asperger's Syndrome."

This just kind of excited me for some reason. :-)

Also, on an only vaguely related note, picture an Ah'Koi Bahnis saying the following: "The universe can't possibly be only 6,000 years old! Our written history goes back several hundred thousand years! Our children still sing songs that predate the invention, on Earth, of bronze tools!"

(Not to mention, Na'Voom Da recorded history goes back at least a million years.)

Note to self: Need an Ah'Koi Bahnis with lots of colors that would be very unnatural for a human. Maybe purple hair, neon green skin, electric orange spots, and neon magenta eyes. Yes, some colors of AKB are good for camoflague. While others have more of an aura of "Don't fuck with me, I might be poisonous."

One last thing: I've been writing "Silence Speaking" and "Extended Vacation" without using any gendered pronouns for any Traipahni person, using zie and zir instead. I do it because I believe it's necessary to keep in mind that Traipahni sophonts only have one sex (IE, they are hermaphrodites), and I hate the two standard English bullshit genderless things, "it" and "they." But goddamn, it can get really difficult using so many 'zie's and 'zir's. I try to cut down on the need as much as possible, but it's hard.

I also use the TPNN pronouns "djai" and "djair" in the dialogue sometimes. I'd like to use those in the rest of the story, too, but it's even more of a pain in the futz than zie and zir. Zie and zir, after all, work like "she" and "her." But with djai and djair... djair is ALWAYS posessive. So sometimes where you'd use "her" or "zir" in English, you'd have to use djai, because the ONLY time you use djair is when it's posessive. (IE, "I told her that." = "I told djai that" as opposed to "I told djair that." Since "that," in context, is not owned by the person, one cannot use "djair" there.)

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Steph hail satan

I had the funniest idea the other day

I had the funniest idea the other day: Stephanie of LazyTown (see icon) gets her Hogwart's letter. And she has a rare in-born magical gift to make other people around her break into song and dance. It made me laugh, imagining Draco Malfoy being forced, by her magical gift, to sing to some LazyTown-esque song.

OMG, it's even funnier imagining Filch, Voldemort, and the Death Eaters being forced to sing along. :-D

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