June 30th, 2012


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Magickal log 6/26/12

A minor thing, but on 6/26/12, a minor magickal event happened. Back story: it was raining, and had been raining a lot the last few days. I was waiting for the bus while it was raining, and was very tired of the constant rain in June, since that's winter weather. So I started to chant "Rain, rain, go away; come again another day." I chanted it on a rising tone, cycling through that about a dozen times, adding "Little Molly wants to play" at the end of each cycle. An old spell to be sure, centuries old, but I was doing it with a magickal mentality. Though I had been working that magick, and hoped it would work, I didn't dwell on whether it would or not (a classic magick move). Imagine my surprise when the stopped, shortly after getting on the bus... and stayed stopped for a couple of DAYS before starting up again. :-D

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