May 14th, 2012


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Mother's Day

I wrote a poem for my mom yesterday, for Mother's Day. I wrote it in Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog, and thus it only rhymes in TPNN. Took a lot more time than sending an e-card would have, so I hope she appreciates it. (Especially with the translation I supplied.)

About the second or third stanza into it, it began to remind me of Shao'Kehn. So I decided to dedicate it to my two mothers: my earthly mother, and my Divine Dark Mother. Now, here it is:

Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, sohlohr-bahn ny'ky'yah,
Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, koh bain vahs tay'kay'yah;
Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, kriiah taekah moi’hantiil,
Fii'ah'rah seh vwon farroh taekah, djohk hostiil.

Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, foht kriiah bey'HKorryl,
Veh taekah, kai'ahl hrainu thiiah zirrovahgyl;
Foht fii-sehk thiiah Lahsahn, thiin fii-bain shihbahn,
Veh ihl thiin sahn-kia thiiah sahn Lahsahn.

Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, veh la pahtohlihk hkort grehnoh,
Behbdohn, grehn ku'slar grehj ny'ky'yah meh'tlii'soh;
Jokiij hostiil ehm hantiil, yai grehn korrora moiulain...
Sahn-kia, Lahsahn, veh Koh Soh La Kohrain!

Notes: 1. Words in parentheses are implied by context.
2. In all my prayers, I include "Sahn-kia, Koh Soh La Kohrain" at the end.

Many-thanks, Mother, giver of life,
Many-thanks, Mother, you are very beautiful;
Many-thanks, Mother, your love complete,
Needing nothing of me but love, since (the) beginning.

Many-thanks, Mother, for your patience,
And love, which shape(s) my spirituality;
For without my Mother, I (would) not-be (my) self,
And so I thank my great Mother.

Many-thanks, Mother, and the divine (that) we are,
Together, we write our life story;
From beginning to end, may we forever create...
Many-thanks, Mother, and You Are The All!

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"I am Chaos, I am Freedom."

Wrote this last night:

“Declaration of Shao'Mort”

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.

I think for myself,
No matter what others may say or think of my ideas.
I leave no sacred cow un-devoured;
I leave no taboos un-drunk.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
I question all memes, ideas, and notions.
I take nothing at face value.
When one speaks of another,
I make my own decisions about them.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
There is no Good or Evil,
Only value judgments.
I reject the value judgments of others,
For I can come to my own decisions.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
I reject morality and all it stands for;
I have my own sense of ethics.
Morality is the crutch of the feeble-minded,
The shit that comes out the back end of holy cows.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
Morality is a pleasant lie others tell one another
To excuse unethical and dis-compassionate behavior.
There is no evil in thoughts and ideas,
There is only evil is in actions.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
I reject beliefs utterly;
Belief is a trap that shrinks and limits the mind and soul.
Dogma is the death of the intellect,
And a person without an intellect is a meat puppet.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
I shine the light of consciousness
On every dark corner of my mind and soul,
Exposing all within so I may choose what to keep,
And what must be discarded.

I am Chaos, I am Freedom.
I deny all shackles, and destroy all chains.
I shall not be bound by any thought, word, or deed of any person.
I am freedom incarnate, and I am strong.
I cannot be defeated, even in death.
And I would not have it any other way.

Heil Chaos! Heil Shao'Kehn!

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Two trains of thought collide.

Two things just collided in my head just now. Okay, you know how nanotech can only make simple microscopic machines so far? Like, cogs, wheels, hammers, and I think there was a very simple steam engine. That thought collided with an image I saw on my friendspage of a clockwork beetle, and BAM! Nano-tech steampunk/clockpunk.

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