May 1st, 2012


Dear men

Dear men,

Imagine for a moment that your whole worth as a man was determined by the size of your dick. Imagine that your female boss demanded you show your cock and balls or lose your job. Imagine you struggled so much to find a job that pays well enough to feed and house you that you had no choice but to get a job that forced you to walk around with your nuts hanging out of your pants all day long, while you were constantly being harassed by horny women, half of whom you find unattractive or even gross. Imagine that your overweight, late middle aged female boss constantly made comments about the size and appearance of your cock, and touched you inappropriately, and no matter how horrified and uncomfortable you were, you couldn't complain about it without losing your job. Imagine that no matter how smart you are, the only thing that will get you anywhere in your job is showing off your prominent testicles and cock. Imagine that if some psychotic strange woman attacked you while you're just minding your own business, forced herself on you, and when you report the attack, everyone says you were asking for it by the way you were dressed (even if you were wearing baggy clothes). And on top of all that, you don't even get paid as much as women for the same jobs.

Congratulations, now you have some small idea of what life is like for women in our culture.

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