March 12th, 2012

Elle looks up

I feel like a doofus.

Here I'd thought my EAOR code font and my TPNN font were lost to the ether, and today I got the idea to go to , which is still up, and the fonts are still there. So, not lost after all.

Oh well. If nothing else, I made a much better TPNN font with FontStruct, which contains the best characters from both Ahndahn's Alphabet and Dven'Bahnis. Oh, and the new TPNN font only has numbers 0 through 5, like is now canon (base 6 math), whereas the old one has the crappy old 0 - 9 I had before.

The new TPNN font from FontStruct can be viewed here:

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Hermione not amused

I am not interested in joining more social networks.

I am not interested in joining any more social networks. Do not send me any more invites. I've no interest in Pinterest, 4square, WAYN, Tagged, or any other new or existing social networks. If I am going to join one, I will join one in my own time. It took me knowing about Twitter and Tumblr for several years before I finally caved in and joined, for my own reasons. This was true even when I had Internet at home, and even more true now that I no longer have Internet at home.

When you join a new site, please do not send me an invite. I am not interested, and spam in my inbox is not going to help matters. If the site you've joined harvests email addresses from your contact list, check for an option to uncheck me from the list of recipients. If there is no such option, please do not let the site have access to your contact list. I wonder how many other people have wanted to tell their friends this, and didn't?

It doesn't help that I've gotten spam on my *cell phone* several times because somebody had the email address of my cell phone (from me emailing them from my phone via text message) in their contact list, and that address got harvested by some stupid new social network they've joined.

The same goes for petition sites. I have more spam from these and other social justice things than I could ever have handled, and most of it goes in the garbage. I rarely bother looking at them, much less signing them. I share petitions on Facebook and Twitter only very rarely, and even more rarely via email. When I do share online petitions, it is usually because something in my mind has shifted and turned into a weird whim, because my usual take on online petitions is that they are utterly useless, even more useless than real-world petitions. It's not that I don't care, it's that I'm intelligent enough to know that they don't make a goddamn bit of difference.
Even things that aren't petitions, but are social justice news stuff, generally go in the trash because I've already either heard about it, or I'm overloaded and can't deal with them. Here's something to keep in mind: 99% of everything about this world and about society piss me off and fill me with rage, because it's senseless violence, hatred, and stupidity. Living here on this planet, with this human species, is some kind of Hell. Because I care too much; I care so much, and I can't turn it off, that I have two modes anymore: A) Blocking it all out. B) Straining to keep myself from going into a psychopathic rage.
Back when I was young and naive, I thought I could do something real to help this world, thought I could be an activist. I tried it, and as a result I nearly lost my sanity, and I permanently destroyed my ability to try again. The most I can do now is my fiction writing, and hope someone listens to the lessons in it.

Sorry, got a bit off track there.

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