February 29th, 2012

Fay Doll still

Shamanic journey at the meetup today

At the pagan meetup today, a guy was giving us a free shamanic journey. It had been well advertised, so there were a LOT of people there. We all went into the back room for the meetup, the group was so large; we also needed privacy.

Started with breathing exercises. I was feeling my two hearts again, and the flames in them. I was also seeing heat and flames on the exhale, after a minute or two. Then the visualization had us coming out of our bodies. Immediately I diverged from the norm without meaning to; my spirit form did not look like my physical body, but like my icon. When he had us floating up out of the building and into the sky, he wanted us to picture a bright sunny day; I couldn't. It was night outside anyway, and besides... I feel more comfortable at night. So I kept it night.

He guided us up a nearby river and into a clearing in a forest, and a circle of stones. He had us focus on each of six directions in turn (4 compass directions plus up and down), to see who or what appears there, for spirit guides. For north (your energy level; staying clear), I got a creature from Traipah called an omdjaa. Omdjaas are the size of mice, and mammalian, but they roar like lions. For east (vision; being here now), I got Molly Elizabeth (my inner child), which was a surprise. For south (protection, safety), I was not surprised I got Shao'Kehn, who was nude except for Her necklace and Her toolbelt. For west (receptiveness; intuition) I got both Lolita Leigh Smith and Pyrayton. For above (unconditional love and support), I got Mom (odd, since she's still alive), Shao'Kehn, and Ahndahn. For below (guidance/wisdom/what to do), I got a serpent that was simultaneously the green tapered worm I associate with Grah'Bahn, so I'm counting that as either Grah'Bahn or a mix of Grah'Bahn and a serpent.

Some interesting things happened during this whole practice. My spirit form and several of the spirits that appeared to me danced with one another a few times. The Shao'Kehn in the south appeared at least once with three or four arms, holding two knives, and holding a sword. Pi shifted a few times into a dragon as well.

Anyway, he guided us to envision a bubble of energy powered by the people who appeared to us, then guided us back to the building then back into our bodies. It was lovely. He invited anyone who wanted to, to share some about their experience, so a bunch of us did.

After that, he was gonna go into something more about the energy bubbles, when the Odinist named Lugh (who was not in the circle but was elsewhere in the room) - for reasons I can't fathom - called him a lying son of a bitch and started on a rant, asking when the guy was gonna make his sales pitch and claiming "that's not how real native Americans do that" and some other shit, souring the energy in the room and being extremely rude. The man guiding the vision working was remarkably calm in the face of this onslaught. He finally talked Lugh down, and we were able to continue. After we were done, I told Lugh he'd been very rude.

*Sigh* Lugh is one of those people with a great sense of humor, and the things he's knowledgeable about he is very knowledgeable about, and he's okay to talk with. But there are some areas where he is woefully ignorant, but is convinced he still knows a lot about. There was this one time, months ago, I was talking about Loki as a trickster, and defending Him, and Lugh almost went ballistic, shouting about how Loki was evil and a kinslayer and who knows what else. He had a similar reaction to my talking about the Temple of Set. Now with this latest incident, I'm starting to really dislike him. I hope he stops coming to the meetups, but I haven't much hope of it, since he's good friends with Sorcha (Sorcha runs the meetup, and I can't even imagine her blowing up like Lugh does).

Ye gods... it's not even like a sales pitch would have been a surprise. The guy *does* make his living this way, after all. He's a professional, and he flew all the way out here from somewhere else to do this free shamanic journey. Why Lugh was even in the room, when he wasn't joining us in the journey, I don't know. But I do know that Pi wanted to hiss right in his face for the rudeness. (I didn't let him, even though I wanted to as well.) I guess Lugh is just the kind of person who doesn't think anyone should ever ask money for spiritual services. Me, I say that if people are willing to pay for such things, why not? I do wish it was more common to offer cheaper rates or free admission to people with low income, but I don't think money is inherently bad, so why should asking money for offering a service be bad? Furthermore, the guy never once claimed he was doing things the way native Americans do them. He studied their ways, and his way was inspired by their ways, but he never claimed he was doing things the way the native Americans do things.

Despite that drama, the rest of the night went okay. I even got some free food, when one of the ladies discovered what she ordered was twice as much as she could eat. Yummy snow peas with carrots and onions!

Talked with the shamanic journey guy some after the journey was over, mentioned to him my astral body's different appearance, among other things. Also mentioned how, back in Iowa, I used to do a kind-of shamanic journey thing that involved being outside and moving around, and going within my mind by traveling through these onyx archways. By the way, that reminds me... I miss being able to do that. I often find myself wishing I could teleport back to Osceola so I can do that again.

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