February 24th, 2012


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Weird night last night

Last night, I got woken up by a nightmare. It was a nightmare only because of a super-creepy feeling I got during the dream; nothing about the dream was inherently nightmarish. I tried going back to sleep, and the super-creepy feeling persisted. Annoyed, I re-cast the circle of fire around the apartment that worked last time to clear out bad energy. I tried getting back to sleep, and again the bad energy hadn't cleared out. Even more annoyed, I focused on an image of Shao'Kehn in Her "Dark Mother" aspect, using multiple arms and Her fire on each hand to ward off bad dreams. This worked!

Later, I had a dream involving a scifi convention held in an airport, and buying a bunch of things including 6 large bags of apple slices before heading up to my flight. Woke up before getting on the plane.

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