January 18th, 2012

Elle Fanning

Winter in Portland

On Facebook I shared a photo of a cat captioned with the following: "It's winter in Canada And the gentle breezes blow Seventy miles an hour At thirty-five below. Oh, how I love Canada When the snow's up to your butt You take a breath of winter And your nose gets frozen shut. Yes, the weather here is wonderful So I guess I'll hang around I could never leave Canada I'm frozen to the bloody ground!"

Someone replied that New Zealand has a similar one saying God loves them because he gave them boiling mud.

So I came up with one for Portland:

It's winter in Portland! And the gentle rain falls, nonstop for weeks until it's well past your balls. Oh how I love Portland, when the rain's up to your chin! You put on your scuba suit and dive right in! Yes, the weather here is wonderful, So I guess I'll stay in the saddle, unless the rain washes me downstream without a paddle!

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