December 23rd, 2011

Steph Pensive

Solstice service!

So lillakat and I went to the solstice celebration at the Unitarian Universalist church, which was from 7 pm to 8 pm. I didn't know what to expect, though I hoped for something pagany, and I hoped the intern minister lady would be there, because she's either a pagan or otherwise extremely knowledgeable and open about pagan stuff.

Despite having arrived 45 minutes early (50 if you wanna get technical) for the sole purpose of knowing that Lilla takes forever to get ready,1 I thought we would be late, first because Lilla couldn't find her money, then because she needed coffee, but then once we were on the bus, I was sure we'd have plenty of time. And we would have, except that I hadn't counted on getting lost. Reasons for getting lost:
A. I usually take the MAX to the church, not the 15. I knew the 15 was in the area, though, because I have taken the 15 home from there.
B. I forgot about the one-way streets.
C. The 15's route was all wonky, some kind of detours. At least one point had it going up the same route as the 15 going the other direction, though managing to go the right direction. So I was already confused.
D. The 15 started going in the opposite direction at one point, and I thought that meant we'd gone too far or something.

So at that point, we got out, and I soon got so lost I had to ask someone where the library was (because more people know where that is than the UU church). Once I knew where the library was, we were on our way to the church, but we were a couple minutes late because of it.

Well, it was better than I'd hoped. It was basically a hybrid, a cross between a Wiccan circle ritual and a normal Unitarian Universalist service. It started with closing the circle. There was some singing, some responsive reading, then there was this thing done in the dark, where we would call out something we wanted to lose to the night, and everyone chanted "____ is lost to the night" three times before the priestess said some ritual phrase related to it, that I forgot, before asking again for something to lose to the night. We did a couple dozen of those before she stopped, turned the light on, and we did some more singing. Then when we were seated again, there was a story told from India about the sun cow. Lilla quietly left the room partway into that story and hung out downstairs waiting for me. I didn't know why at the time, but later she said that she was already feeling a little overwhelmed at all the people there (this was in the sanctuary; if there had been people in the balconies, it would have been very very close to being just as full as the regular Sunday services), and the bit in the story about the man who was "on the outside looking in" was emotionally triggering for her.

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1 = I suppose that's turnabout, in a sense; I take forever to get ready, by kengr's perspective.

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Steph hail satan

Creepy vibes, lately.

I don't know why, but I've been getting some creepy vibes from the world these past few days. Especially at home. Not sure how exactly to explain it. But one symptom, or perhaps one cause, is my dreams have been getting stranger, and darker, lately. Even the dream last night about climbing the outside of an apartment building with Steven Colbert while I was playing the role of an android had a peculiar, creepy vibe to it. Not scary... I'm not jumping at every little noise around here. Just a vague, subtle background sensation. And it's outside, too. Light or dark, that creepy vibe is outside. So I'm playing LazyTown songs and working with Molly's energy to try to dispel it. Also going to avoid reading the Felix Castor book tonight; Felix's world is creeptastic: ghosts and demons and zombies and were-creatures abound in such numbers that the public is all too keenly aware of them.

Also, hopefully my trip to Brooke's tomorrow will help dispel the creepy vibes.

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