December 22nd, 2011

Hit Girl

Funny ideas for Doctor Who.

Some funny ideas for Doctor Who:

1. The Doctor meets a female Timelord named The Nurse. They start to date, then marry, maybe have kids.

2. The Master comes back to life, finds another Timelord named The Slave. It is a romance made in Heaven.

3. The Doctor regenerates and is now a ginger woman. His marriage to The Nurse gets more interesting as a result.

4. Or perhaps The Doctor regenerates into young Amelia Pond, which would explain a few things. :-D Adult Amy Pond is all very confused by this development, and then remembers a pocketwatch she thought her grandfather had given her... :-D

5. Amy "The Doctor" Pond is now in a triad marriage with The Nurse and Rory.

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Мои твиты


Alex has an interesting holiday.

When Alex started a post about a new holiday he's calling Satanasmas, I was wary, because it sounded like a bad joke at first. But as he went through a list of what he decided it should represent, I had to admit it was actually pretty interesting. I might actually hold him to the six statements of the meaning of Satanasmas: :-)

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