December 19th, 2011

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Okay, this is in thanks for the donations.

I originally intended this to be flash fiction, but I don't think it's short enough now to qualify.

"Fairy Tales"
By = Tristan A. Arts/ Fayanora

      The hot sun beat down on us as we climbed the steep, rugged, mountainous terrain. We had to stop frequently due to the extreme heat. I would have preferred to have done this at night, but we wouldn't be able to find the place in the dark. I wasn't even sure we'd find it now, to be honest.
      After resting a few minutes, we continued on up the mountain. Luckily, we found a crevasse before long, and it was shady and cool inside. I consulted my map.
      "You know, guys, I think this is the entrance."
      "About damned time. What is it you're looking for, again?"
      "Well, like I explained before, Dave, I've been looking for proof that Faerie exists. I think we'll find it in here."
      "How drunk was I when you convinced me to go with you, Chuck?"
      "Oh shut up and follow me."
      I started up again. Dave, Max, and Charlene followed with audible sighs. At least it was getting cooler the deeper in we went.
      We were several yards in when it got chilly and damp. We were in a cave, and it was getting chilly enough that we stopped and got out our jackets and put them on. The cave walkway was getting narrower and narrower, until finally we had to crawl on our hands and knees to get through.
      "Uh... uh, guys?" Dave said shakily. His voice sounded a long way back.
      I struggled to turn around and look at him. It was difficult to see him behind the others. "What is it, Dave?"
      Dave looked sweaty and terrified. "I... well, I... I didn't realize I was claustrophobic until now. I... I'm finding it hard to... to breathe."
      Oh shit, I thought. I hadn't anticipated that either. "Well okay, Dave. Calm down, and back out slowly. You can wait for us somewhere roomier. We'll wait here until you call out that you're okay again, alright?"
      Dave swallowed nervously. "Y-yeah, okay." I watched him back up until he vanished from my view. Several minutes later, he called out. His voice was faint, but I heard it well enough.
      "Alright guys. Remember, it's perfectly alright to go back if you're uncomfortable in here. Anyone else need out? Now would be the best time."
      Luckily, nobody else needed out. So I continued, and the others followed. It wasn't long before I was very glad that Dave had ducked out when he did, because the cavern got so narrow that even with our backpacks off and tied to drag behind us, we had to crawl on our bellies. If it got any narrower, we were going to have to go back. I was very close to calling it off when the cavern began to widen again. In just a few minutes, we were on our hands and knees again. We were all glad when it suddenly opened into an enormous cave. I lifted my lantern up. The light didn't fill the entire interior, so I had no idea where the other walls or the ceiling were in relation to us.
      Charlene and Max came out and stood up, looking around in awe at the size of the cave. Charlene tried to find the ceiling with a flashlight, and failed. Taking his cue from her, Max got out a pen-sized laser and tried. We were able to spot a small light from the laser on the ceiling above us. I grinned. "Well there's the ceiling found. Good going, Max."
      "Uh, Chuck?" Charlene said, pointing at Max's face. I looked. The look on Max's face was disbelieving. If I had to describe it in one phrase, the best would be the popular Internet phrase "his brain got broken."
      "Max, what's the matter?"
      Max shook his head slowly in disbelief. "This laser make a circle of light bigger than a basketball," he said quietly. "Didn't you see the mountain above us? It doesn't go up high enough to explain this. This is some fucked-up Doctor Who kinda shit."
      He tested the laser light against the nearby walls, and the circle they made was huge. He traced up the wall, the circle getting bigger, then smaller as the distance increased. Finally, it was once again a tiny dot on the ceiling. I didn't know how much the laser spread, but at that distance, anyone seeing it up close would see something a lot larger than a basketball. Yet to us, it was a tiny dot.
      "Fuck..." I agreed. When I finally recovered from my stupor, I shook my head and said, "Well, this just proves I was right! The Fae are real. This is, I dunno, magic or something."
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