December 18th, 2011

Steph Pensive

Voldemort in the last movie

The only thing wrong with Ralph Fiennes's portrayal of Voldemort in Harry Potter movie 8 was the numerous times when you could see on his face the kinds of emotions that a sociopath just isn't capable of. Especially after killing Harry. The look on his face in the following scenes before Harry got up again should have had Voldemort ecstatic with triumph, even whooping with joy. I can quite clearly imagine his face contorted with mad glee. Instead, he looked sad, and worried. And still a little afraid.

Also, you can see a kind, compassionate soul in the actor's eyes during those scenes. That's hardly the actor's fault, of course - the eyes never lie; even the best actors can't hide their true selves from showing in their eyes. Even sociopaths can't keep their lack of a normal soul from showing in their eyes. But it wouldn't have been noticeable if he'd been portraying Voldemort as being ecstatic with triumph like he should have.

By comparison, the two boys who played Tom Riddle were much better at portraying young sociopaths.

EDIT: Voldemort disintegrating? NO NO NO NO NO!!! He needs to leave a corpse behind to prove he's dead! They need his head to stick on a pike as a warning to all dark wizards!!!

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Phoebe in Wonderland

Thank goodness for copyright! Now let's save it.

I forgot to say this when I thought of it, but the other day a thought occurred to me: it occurred to me to thank whoever invented the original copyright law, because if they hadn't come up first with the kind that benefited individuals, the corporations would have come up with a copyright that only benefited themselves. Look at how corporations used to steal the rights to an artist's music from them (like the Beatles) and look at modern copyright as influenced by big business. Then imagine a world where big business thought of copyright law first. Nothing would have belonged to any author! Companies could have hired a slew of writers and produce books under the name of a popular author, while the original author didn't get a cent from it. Corporations would have thrived, and their artists would have starved. Creativity would be stifled as more and more ideas, words, and phrases became the property of one corporation or another.

Now we have to fight to keep this nightmare vision of copyright law from coming true.

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Irony makes the world go 'round

I was sitting at the bus stop the other day, and across the street was a church selling Christmas trees. I was extremely tempted to go over there and say to the guy running it, "Hey, you do realize this whole notion of decorating trees for Christmas is a pagan notion, right? Except that the original pagans decorated live trees outdoors, and would probably be upset at how you've blasphemed the holiday by killing the trees and bringing them indoors." But I didn't.

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Elle looks up

New veggie added to my list of loves

I was at the store earlier, picking up vegetables for a veggie chicken stuff I like to make. Right next to the zucchinis was something that looked like a slightly bulbous yellow zucchini, something called a yellow squash. I read the flavor description and that, together with the obvious relation to zucchinis, made me decide to buy one to try. And I'm glad to say it tastes almost exactly like a zucchini. So I have another new veggie added to my list of veggies I like.

In case you're curious, I like:
* zucchinis
* eggplants (under certain kinds of cooking conditions)
* carrots
* spinach
* cucumbers (but not cooked)
* mushrooms (esp. brown mushrooms and baby bellas)
* tomatoes
* potatoes
* onions
* green onions
* snow peas
* green beans
* corn
* many more

And I dislike:

* celery (no flavor, and the texture is icky)
* collard greens are hit or miss with me
* radishes
* may have forgotten others

I was a bit annoyed at the store today, because their zucchinis were tiny. Their zucchinis tend toward the small side anyway (I prefer larger ones), but this was absurd. One or two of the normal small ones is usually more than enough to fill the large iron skillet I use. But I had to buy four of these tiny ones, and even adding the yellow squash to that, I still had more than enough room for the two carrots, one whole yellow onion, and six large mushrooms I had bought for the meal.

It's funny, but since discovering hummus, and making my spiced chicken-veggie mix, I've been eating more vegetables as an omnivore than I ever did as a vegetarian.

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