November 19th, 2011


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Steph squee 2

A new character, an alternate Earth.

While thinking last night about an idea I had concerning a rogue Vray'Shra (shapeshifting life-force eaters who generally don't eat sentient life forms), I came up with a whole new character. And another alternate universe. I say "another" because there were at least two universes in the Lyria/PTOTGs multiverse (well, two that the stories have been to). Though they're alternate universes, and there are alternate Orions as well as alternate Earths, I am so far referring to the universes as Earth One (the one in Lyria's universe, where magic is recovering from a huge blow), Earth Two (the Earth of the "Appearances" series, where magic was once underground but stopped being underground when thousands of species of demons freed from Hell for being too good for Hell), and now there is Earth Three. On Earth Three, magic did not have the huge blow of Earth One, but just went underground. There are signs of trade between Earth Three and Orion Three (I guess that means the universes are Uni One, Uni Two, and Uni Three).

Anyway, the main character is a Japanese-American trans woman named Amaya who has just enough personal magic to qualify as a mage, but gets "mage fatigue" pretty easily, so she uses diagram spells, a magic metal called ferranim, and things like the lightning pistol to make up the lack. Oh, and she's a PI of course.

So same multiverse, three different series, each series taking place in a different alternate universe. I'm not sure what "Appearances" would qualify as, aside from some kind of fantasy, but the Lyria stories are fantasy leaning toward scifi; while the Amaya series is urban fantasy. :-)

Don't hold your breath waiting for "Appearances" stories. The story the series is named after has been barely done for years. I wouldn't have mentioned it at all, except I have a completed story that may or may not be in the same universe. Well, two, technically: each story recounts the same events, from two different perspectives. I remember one was called "Cancer." I forget the name of the other.

Anyway, I was reluctant to start the Amaya stuff, reluctant to even give her a name, until I came up with a second story idea that was too good to ignore. :-)

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