November 10th, 2011


Мои твиты

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Phoebe in Wonderland

Google's got nothing on Wolfram Alpha

For some things, Google just doesn't cut it. For unit conversions, definitions, and a number of other things that give Google brain farts, WolframAlpha is superior. It isn't a search engine, it's an answer engine. It doesn't give search results, it gives answers. I have it on my Opera Speed Dial. Since my measuring cup doesn't show things below 2/3rds cup, I can use Wolfram Alpha to convert 1/4th cup into tablespoons, and just did a little while ago. It's pretty awesome. It can even calculate pi to 100,000 places, which Google can't.

Gods, I wish I were being paid to say this. :-) But it really is pretty awesome.

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Picard facepalm

Question about curry

Anyone else had curry? What is it supposed to taste like? Because I tried making my chicken and veggie stuff with yellow curry this time, instead of taco seasoning, and on its own it tastes like chicken and vegetables. Which is very bland. I mean, I thought I had more than enough. It's bright yellow. But it doesn't taste like I expected curry to taste. Did I not put enough in, or is this another case of me being unable to taste something I should be able to? (Like watermelon: tastes like sugar, nothing else).

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