October 6th, 2011


Demon baby from Hell!

On the bus, on the way home, someone's infant made a noise that sounded like something a large and dangerous predator would make. I've never heard anything like it before! It triggered an atavistic fear response in me, and I think the only reason I didn't shit myself was I'd already taken a crap before leaving. I didn't think human beings could MAKE sounds like that. I didn't think primates of any kind could, either. I'm surprised the other people aboard didn't shit themselves in terror. Seriously, the noise was THAT terrifying. Luckily, the kid only did it once, so maybe he's merely possessed and not actually the secret lovechild of Satan and Kali.

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cognitive hazard

Dralakkith's money system.

I'm pretty sure I have this all correct, though it's kind of complicated. I made Dralakkith's money system as close to our own as I could while still having a logic of its own. If anyone is bored enough to read this, it will be...

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How rich is Lyria Spellspinner? Rich enough to make Bill Gates look like a pauper, though nobody living outside her fortress has any idea just how wealthy she is. But she's generous with her money, and isn't greedy; she pays generous taxes to her current home country of Dralakkith. To her, money and power are a means to a greater end, not ends in themselves.

I'm still trying to figure out how much she pays Forizano for tutoring Meriel. (Wanders off to think.) (Returns) Okay, so, I checked average US military figures for an enlisted person with a 4 year degree before enlisting to get a rough estimate of how much he got paid in the military, so Forizano got, at most, $20K for his brief stint in the military before his legs got blown off. I'm assuming, given how his life went after that, that Dralakkith doesn't have pensions for enlisted men (maybe for officers, but I dunno). I don't know if he was getting paid while he was a scholar in the time before and after the military service (though the after barely counts, for him).
Then I checked average teacher salary for Oregon. From that, I'm deciding Lyria will pay him the equivalent of $50K a year. I've decided on $4200 a month. Now to figure out how she pays him. I don't know what, if any, banking system Dralakkith has. But given the vast numbers of coins in her vault, he's probably going to end up with lots of coins. I figure the bulk of it will be in larger denominations, with maybe $1000 worth of smaller denomination coins.

Anyway, all for now.

EDIT: Forizano getting paid, details figured out.

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Occupy Portland (reblog)

Originally posted by kengr at Occupy Portland
The Portland "branch" of "Occupy Wall Street (Occupy Portland) has gotten a lot of coverage and is remarkably free of trouble. They wanted to not have the powers-that-be able to block off wherever they decided to go, so they didn't apply for a parade permit. The cops did their best to keep problems from happening. And when they settled for the night on a couple of the "park blocks" downtown for the night, the mayor suspended the no camping ordinance. They have been told they'll have to move along in the morning.

Be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, but unless they do something really stupid, I think they'll continue to get "escorted" by saome cops to try to minimize disruptions to things, but otherwise be left alone.

I think the police and the mayor have the right idea. The protestors aren't doing anything violent, so just let them protest and avoid giving an excuse for things to turn ugly.

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