September 17th, 2011


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Creepy doll

You know, in the future computerized toys like that are just going to get more complex. They will one day move on their own, and maybe even think for themselves like the teddy-bear robot in the AI: Artificial Intelligence movie. Can you imagine the havoc caused if something like that catches a virus? Or worse, someone hacks into it on purpose to spy on people, their kids, or to give it new instructions that will scar the children for life? How many children will end up with moving teddy bears that will one day spontaneously chase them while holding a knife, just because some dickhead thinks it would be funny? Sheesh, it's bad enough already; Teddy Ruxbin scared me so much when I got one for Christmas one year that I was still having nightmares about moving, talking dolls up into my early 20's. (The last one had my doll Buddy talking to me, and I turned to him and told him that while I love him, I don't appreciate dreams where he talks and moves. That was the end of those dreams.)

Can you imagine if one of those reprogrammed future toys actually kills someone? Like, a serial killer who kills by reprogramming those toys remotely? So yeah, science and technology may one day cause all those "living doll" horror stories to come true.

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