September 10th, 2011

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Dear humanity

Dear United States Government, other countries, and really, Dear Humanity,

Just thought I'd let you know, not having a government-funded single-payer free healthcare plan for all is the same as, or worse than, not having a 911 system. Or a fire department. It shows you don't give even the tiniest rabbit-pellet's worth of a shit about the well-being of the people you represent. So, with that in mind, FUCK YOU.

Furthermore, I'd like to go on to address my firm belief that not having free or cheap housing for the poorest of the poor is worse even than not having the things mentioned above. Allowing anyone to be so poor, especially in a developed nation (but anywhere, really), really ought to be considered a crime against humanity. Letting people starve or freeze or suffer/die from/of a treatable illness because they're struggling just to survive is equally unethical and reprehensible. Denigrating the poor, calling them lazy, or otherwise looking down on them because they are struggling is almost as evil than drowning puppies and raping their corpses... while children watch in horror.

Many of our leaders in the so-called "western" countries claim to be Christians. But they are so greedy, so full of hatred and contempt for the poor and other kinds of people, and so generally contemptible and evil in their words and/or behaviors that they more closely fit their own stereotypes of Satanists than any Satanists I've ever met. In fact, a lot of Satanists I know are much more like Christians ought to be than most of our leaders are.

I find it hypocritical, evil, disgusting, unethical, perverse, and downright absurd that these social darwinists1 claim to be Christians, when Yeshuah ben Yosef (AKA Jesus the Christ) preached love, compassion, and concern for all people, regardless of color of skin, amount of material wealth, illness, criminal history, or any other factor. I find it absurd that they claim to be Christians when Jesus himself said that rich people cannot go to Heaven. Jesus said that what hurts the least of us hurts all of us. HE KNEW! He knew that what hurts the least of a species hurts the whole species, and what helps the least of us helps all of us. He knew that if those who were poor did not have to struggle to eat, drink, be clothed, or be sheltered, that it would help EVERYONE ELSE ABOVE THEM as well. And when the poorest people suffer, the lives of everyone above them also suffers. Look at countries where the majority starve while the few in power hoard all the wealth; those rich people are not happy there. They face constant death threats, they develop quite understandable paranoia, and everyone really IS out to get them. That is because the people who are miserable outnumber them more than 100 to 1. More than 1 million to 1, even. HOARDING ALL THE WEALTH AT THE EXPENSE OF EVERYONE ELSE WILL ONLY MAKE YOUR OWN SITUATION CRAPPIER, TOO!

So, rich and greedy assholes who believe the poor are lazy vermin who need to be ignored at best, or exterminated: I am sure Jesus loves you anyway, and forgives you. But you're still not going to Heaven. He may love and forgive you, but he has made it clear that he doesn't like you. He doesn't want you. You are anathema to everything he stood for. Your lip service worship is an insult to a wonderful, kind-hearted, compassionate man. Your attendance in church is a mockery of Jesus. I look at you with the same emotions that a devout medieval Catholic would have felt upon witnessing a Satanic mass with virgin sacrifices, murder of infants, and necrophiliac orgies. Pull your heads out of your asses and grow a fucking human heart. Have some compassion.

It is not money that is evil. It is greed that is evil. When nothing matters more to a person than getting more money, more power, more ANYTHING, that is when they need to be given anti-addiction therapy. They need to go to Moneyholics Anonymous, or Greedoholics Anonymous, or whatever. And they sure as heck should not be in power over other people. They make life miserable for everyone else and, eventually, for themselves as well. It's well overdue time we the masses tell the rich at the top to fuck off. It's long overdue time we get pissed and stay pissed and DEMAND that the wealthy give back to those below them. And if they do not comply, to take it from them by force.

---Fayanora Ahnabahn Tahlahmorgk

1 = I hate social darwinism anyway; it doesn't work, it's disgusting, and it is based on a severe misunderstanding of "survival of the fittest." Humans became "fittest" through cooperation and compassion, as well as creativity and intelligence. I also hate the attitude of hatred/distrust/dislike for people who are eccentric. Weirdos are the ones whose names live on forever in history! Weirdos are the ones who improve the human condition, who contribute the most to society. And yet it's "normal" that is valued. FUCK THAT NOISE.

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