August 27th, 2011

Fay Doll still

The Princess is an awesome strip

The Princess is a webcomic about Princess Sarah, a little trans girl. Here is the most recent thread. Sarah is the one with the crown. Irma is the girl with the fake moustache:

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I agree with Irma. Why would anyone WANT to be normal, typical, unexceptional, commonplace? Normal people are forgotten by history. It's the weirdos who live on forever!

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A thought about organic supermarkets

I had a thought the other day while shopping at Trader Joe's, a local organic/fair trade supermarket chain. While there, I remembered the fact that regular supermarkets selling food with preservatives in them throw away tons of food a year because they have more on the shelves than anyone ever uses, and even preservative-riddled food rots eventually. So I wondered, then, how much more does a place like Trader Joe's throw away a year? Because organic food doesn't have artificial preservatives, and a lot of it has no preservatives at all. So they probably throw away a lot more food than normal supermarkets, just due to the fact that it rots or molds over faster and more readily.

So, really, what's the point of shopping there? Well, I do on occasion because they have great hummus and even better "curry naan" flatbread, but those are pretty much the only two things I ever get there. Still... I know organic food is supposedly better for the environment and healthier to consume, but it's more expensive and leads to more waste in the end. And Trader Joe's still uses lots of plastic in their packaging. So is Trader Joe's just a gimmick? "Come here, we're organic! You won't actually be helping the environment any, and you may in fact be doing more harm than if you went to a regular supermarket, but at least you can pretend to be doing something good for the environment!" I dunno. It was just a thought.

On the other hand... I once bought a loaf of organic pumpkin raisin bread. Never got around to eating it. It's still in the fridge, and still looks good, still looks moist and tasty. I can't vouch for its edibility, but it looks good. I'm currently keeping it there as an experiment to see how long it takes before it goes weird. Not sure why it hasn't molded over yet, it's been in there at least a couple months already.

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