August 24th, 2011


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Rewriting Yahgahn creation mythos

Decided to mostly ignore at least some of the old versions of the Yahgahn creation stories and related peripheral stories (since I kinda sucked at writing when I first wrote them down) and totally rewrite the whole thing. The old versions will inform the new version, but I'm basically going to consider the old stuff largely obsolete.

Came up with loads of great ideas for the Noiionayya (Yahgahn sacred text) last night. I think this will be great when it's done! But it will be full of shameless sex and kink, so this is the warning for prudes or people who might want to read it while working around/with/for prudes.

Some of the family trees took some figuring out, since the original versions of these stories didn't always say how such-and-such Deity came to be. At least part of that was due to an implication that there were thousands, if not more, Deities, most of which were never named. Like Yahgahn recognizes a potentially infinite number of Deities but only chose to name a small number of them, the ones most important to them. Which fits Yahgahn's inherent inclusiveness.

I'm also trying to reshape the tale to work better as a metaphor for the scientific truth of our universe's creation, which is something that I've known for a long time the Yahgahn did. The Yahgahn faith, and many other post-Reformation Traipahni faiths, do not have science and religion divorced from one another. Their faith doesn't oppress science, and science doesn't antagonize their faith. For them, science and expanding their knowledge, the search for truth, are spiritual acts. If they have to adjust their spiritual ideas because of new data from their scientific endeavors, they're more than glad to. Also, they know to not take the Deity stories literally. Make no mistake, they DO believe in their Deities as real beings, beings that created the Relative Realm (the only reality we know, and the only we can know), but they know these Deities probably don't have forms we mortals could comprehend, and they know the stories are guesses. Yahgahn recognize that they could be wrong. The Yahgahn path's strongest teaching is "anybody who thinks they know anything about the Deities for certain is either lying or delusional." Though that's more a thing against prosylization and extremist beliefs; if someone says they're certain of something but aren't getting too angry or trying to force their beliefs on others, then they're mostly ignored.

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